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Who makes the choice regarding chapter 7?

Who makes the choice regarding chapter 7?

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Almost all Chapter 7 cases are voluntary cases initiated by the consumer. It is possible for creditors to file involuntary Chapter 7 cases against consumers but this is very rarely done.

Generally, you would choose Chapter 7 after being properly advised by a bankruptcy attorney that this is the best resolution to your debt situation. But, Just because you want to file a chapter 7 does not mean that you can file chapter 7. You may not be eligible for Chapter 7 or it may not be the best way for your debts to be handled. It sometimes occurs that a consumer desires to file chapter 7 but – because he makes enough money to pay back some or all of his debts, he is not eligible for Chapter 7 and must pursue Chapter 13 if he is going to use bankruptcy as a means to obtain control over his financial situation.

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