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What does it cost to file bankruptcy?

What does it cost to file bankruptcy?

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There are several costs involved in filing the bankruptcy case.

1. The court costs are $274 for a chapter 13 and $299 for a chapter 7.

2. In addition there’s a cost for the mandatory credit counseling which is typically $49

3. There is a Financial Management course which must also be taken which runs about $20 per person.

4. In addition to these costs, there are attorneys fees. In southern Ohio, chapter 7 attorney’s fees range from a minimum of about $1000 to several thousand or more, and for Chapter 13, the attorney fees are generally $3,500 most of which is paid as part of the bankruptcy case and not paid up front. In a chapter 7 case, generally all the fees and costs are paid up front, before the case is filed.

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