Discrimination after Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

Filing bankruptcy does not usually damage your reputation in your community. Unless you tell your friends and neighbors that you filed, most people would never know. While bankruptcies are a matter of public record, most personal bankruptcies are not routinely announced in the newspapers.

If you live in a small town and owe debts to local businesses, you may worry that you could be discriminated against if the community finds out. You can voluntarily choose to pay those debts after bankruptcy. You won’t be able to leave them out of the bankruptcy process, but the bankruptcy law allows you to pay on your debt after all debts have been discharged.

Bankruptcy Law

It is built into the bankruptcy law that you must not be discriminated against for filing bankruptcy. Licensing and government agencies cannot use the bankruptcy against you when you apply for student loans or government housing. The bankruptcy law does not stop private creditors from denying you credit based on your bankruptcy, however.

Job Termination

Employers can not fire you if you have filed for personal bankruptcy. In some jobs that involve money or securities, certain military, national security or law enforcement, your bankruptcy may be viewed as financial irresponsibility and could reflect on this particular job type. An employer could cite other reasons for letting you go, of course.

Investment brokers or securities dealers may require special assistance from bankruptcy attorneys. If you are worried about losing your job or have other questions regarding bankruptcy, contact a Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney to discuss what options are best for you and your current situation.

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