Four Things to do if You’re Pregnant and Bankrupt

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Your husband just lost his job. You’re still paying the hospital for surgery last year. Thanks to your declining health insurance, that’s more difficult than ever these days. You and your husband have decided to file for Dayton bankruptcy – but you’re pregnant. What should you do? Here are four basic guidelines to keep in mind:

Determine What Kind of Bankruptcy You Need

Many couples go into bankruptcy proceedings not knowing the difference between Chapters 7, 11, and 13. Do your homework. Sit down with your spouse to determine your exact income; this will help determine if you qualify to pass a “means test” for Chapter 7. Ask your bankruptcy attorney or trustee whether your unborn child counts as a dependent. If yes, your bankruptcy status may change.

See Your Doctor

Yes, your doctor does need to know you’re filing. If he or she does, she can likely help you figure out how to deal with co-pays and health insurance premiums. Recall that under both Chapters 7 and 13, medical bills are suspended until the end of bankruptcy. Afterward, your doctor can help you figure out any payment plans you need.

Have a Date Night

You and your spouse need time to relax and not think about the stressors of pregnancy and money. Come up with creative date night ideas together. This could include walking or biking around the neighborhood, baking a dessert, or watching a DVD at home.

Watch the Time

Make a deal with yourself: you are allowed to deal with bankruptcy issues for a limited time each day. Set a timer if you need to keep yourself focused. Once that time is up, take care of yourself. Nap, have a snack, or read a fun novel.

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