Tips When Filing For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have made the choice to seek help with your debt problems, bankruptcy could be your path to financial freedom. The most important things to remember when considering bankruptcy are:

1. Get representation — your best chance at a successful debt discharge is working with a Dayton bankruptcy lawyer. The bankruptcy process can be complex, which is why you need a legal professional working on your side.

2. Discuss all options — your Dayton bankruptcy lawyer will discuss all of the options available to you. It is important to be sure that you are choosing the right solution for your needs, and your lawyer can even help you with other debt relief services like negotiation or foreclosure defense.

3. Be honest — you should be as open and descriptive with your financial information as possible when completing your bankruptcy petition. Failing to list information about income, debts or assets, or providing false information, could lead to a dismissal of your case.

4. Get involved — you will be required to complete a credit counseling course before your debts can be discharged. Complete this requirement right away and be sure to stay in contact with your bankruptcy  lawyer should any of your financial information change.

5. Be patient — you should keep going about your day while in bankruptcy, taking caution not to significantly change anything about your income or assets.  The process can take some time, so it is important to keep a steady pace.

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