What Are The Most Likely Causes For A Bankruptcy Petition To Be Dismissed?

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

In a previous blog we indicated that not all bankruptcy petitions are accepted by the courts and may be dismissed by the courts thereby leaving the debtor without the protection he or she sought. What are the most likely reasons for the court to dismiss an application or petition?

One of the primary reasons for a court to issue a dismissal is that the petitioner has failed to comply with the requirements of the petition. For example, if the petitioner has failed to undergo the compulsory credit counselling that must be undertaken before filing the petition and does not possess the required documentation or certificate that is issued on completion and that MUST accompany the petition, the courts will be forced to issue a dismissal.

While there are many other reasons for a court to dismiss a petition this example is a very common one. For each type of bankruptcy protection or chapter, there are reasons for dismissing the petition that the courts rely on.

You really must obtain the advice of a good Ohio bankruptcy attorney to get the correct advice for you particular situation. Just as there are no two people who are created the same, the exact same adage holds true for bankruptcy protection petitions. They are as varied as the individuals who apply for them and must be evaluated as the unique entities that they are. It is most important to use the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Dayton to ensure that your bankruptcy is presented properly.

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