What Creditors Do I Need to Include in My Bankruptcy?

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The most important thing that you must do no matter which bankruptcy you are going under, is to include all of your creditors. No matter whether they are big or small, or money owed to friends and family members. One of the pitfalls that you can end up in is listening to the wrong advice when it comes to your bankruptcy.

Managing Creditors

Some that have gone through it may tell you that there are some bills you should not list. Their information is not applicable to you because you don’t know what their circumstances were, or even which chapter of Bankruptcy they were under. The only guidance outside of the bankruptcy court itself that you should be following and utilizing is an experienced Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney.

Even if you suspect that a creditor will not be dealt with in your bankruptcy be sure to include them. This includes your tax bills, student loans and all others. The only thing you don’t add is items like your current utility bills, for example, however, if you have outstanding debts with them, then you would include these.

Another reason you do not want to be leaving any debts off is because you could be accused of false filing. One possible advantage to including creditors even though they will not be discharged is they will be notified of your pending bankruptcy and may back off you for awhile.

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