What If Creditors Won’t Stop Harassing Me After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

The current economic condition of the United States is extremely shaky as most people are aware. Many people are still digging themselves out of the hole from the 2008 subprime mortgage debacle that literally rocked the entire U.S housing market.

There were many thousands of people who were forced into bankruptcy during and after that particularly difficult time and the aftershocks are still ringing. What happens when you are forced to file for bankruptcy, particularly a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, is that all of the creditors are contacted and told that you have filed and they must cease and desist from calling or in any way harassing you for the money you owe. Unfortunately, not every creditor gets the message, or gets the message and refuses to comply. What do you do or what rights do you have when this occurs?

If you have a creditor who just cannot seem to grasp the fact that you have sought protection you simply need to contact the courts that have heard your petition and explain that this particular creditor will not take no for an answer and continues to harass you despite the bankruptcy petition. The courts have wide latitude in imposing fines or other sanctions on these companies when they refuse to comply.

Contact a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio to get answers to these and any other questions you may have regarding bankruptcy. The information you require is at your fingertips.

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