What is a Creditors Meeting in a Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney

One of the intimidating factors concerning a Cincinnati bankruptcy is the meeting of the creditors. These are not happy people as they know they aren’t getting all or perhaps none of the money owed to them.

The 341 Meeting

It is difficult for you too. No doubt it was not your intention not to pay, it just happened that you fell into a financial situation that got out of control on you.

The bankruptcy trustee is the one that takes control of this meeting. It is sometimes called the 341 hearing. It is basically a fact finding mission that gives the trustee the information he needs in order to determine what happens to the debt and how it is handled. You must attend the meeting and hopefully you are using the services of a qualified bankruptcy attorney, who will attend with you.

Once you file for your bankruptcy, the date for the meeting will be set somewhere within 40 days from the date of your filing. It is normally held in a meeting room, and does not take place in a courtroom setting, nor is there a judge present.

You must make sure that you bring your photo identification and your social security number with you to the meeting. Without these the meeting will not proceed. In addition to these, your trustee may ask you for additional items to be brought but will make the request through your attorney if you have chosen to use one.

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