What is the Final Rule Change in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney

In the Chapter 7 bankruptcy it is mandatory that all those going through this debt relief action take a credit counselling course. This course must be taken from approved court agencies. As with any regulation, rules do change and are updated over the years. The latest rules are called the final change rule. This applies to the agencies that are offering the credit counselling and debt education courses for individuals going through a bankruptcy.

There is a list of approved agencies that the individual can choose from. For those that are using a Dayton bankruptcy attorney for assistance, this professional will be able to provide a list of those that have been approved. The individual can then choose from any one of these agencies. It is a mandate that this counselling session is a live session. It can be done through the telephone or Internet but there are specific rules that apply to this. The agency must have a means of identifying the individual that they are counselling. When counselling is being done through the telephone but it is not considered complete unless the individual has interacted with a counsellor. There may be fees for this counselling and these must be disclosed regarding the credit counselling certificate.

It is most important that any individual that is filing for bankruptcy make sure that they go through their credit counselling requirements otherwise their bankruptcy will not be discharged. Aside from the credit counselling individuals also have to go through a debtor education session, and this too has to be done through a qualified agency approved by the bankruptcy courts.

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