Who Plays an Important Role in Your Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney

There are several people that are going to be involved in your bankruptcy on different levels. The first person you should consider getting involved, although it is an option, is your Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney. This is the individual that has the expertise to represent you through your entire bankruptcy proceedings.

Key Roles

Another important person who will be involved in this type of debt relief action is the bankruptcy trustee, and this is not an option. Anyone going bankrupt no matter which Chapter they are filing under will be assigned a trustee who oversees your particular case. This is a case trustee.

In addition to this there is another trustee called the U.S. trustee, however you are not likely to be aware of this individual, as they are behind the scenes. They are more involved in other types of bankruptcies outside of the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 ones. Then there will be various court and administrative officials that handle the various types of paperwork involved in a bankruptcy. There will be your creditors who of course are going to play an important role regarding the outcome of your case.

Aside from those who are actually involved in your bankruptcy proceedings you may have family members who are indirectly involved based on the outcome of your case. This may be your spouse and children. Although they are not directly involved a bankruptcy does have some effects on the family. In respect to the legal dealings your attorney will take the leading role as your resource.

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