Will My Bankruptcy Affect My Kids?

Bankruptcy Attorney

There are so many things that individuals who are going bankrupt have to worry about. It isn’t like there have been any shortage of worries before taking this financial relief step. Prior to this there have been the ongoing phone calls from creditors. The ton of pay now notices in the mail box, is another unpleasant occurrence. Then perhaps the fear of being evicted has been another worry. Now with the decision to go bankrupt there is the worry of not understanding all of the legalities. As if this isn’t enough there may be concerns as to how this bankruptcy is going to affect the children.

Family First

The first step that is needed here is to retain the services of a Dayton bankruptcy attorney. This is going to get the bankruptcy into action and put a stop to the creditor hassles. The legalities are going to be left in the hands of this expert. You are also going to get valid answers as to how this bankruptcy is going to affect your children. In respect to their personal belongings within the house this is usually considered as yours. This is in reference to their clothing, furniture and toys, for example. What happens to property that is deemed as yours depends on which type of bankruptcy you are going through. In a chapter 7 some personal belongings are exempt, but this will depend on the state. In most cases when it comes to the children’s items these end up being exempt.

In respect to any bank accounts in the children’s names or support payments you need to discuss these in detail with your legal professional.

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