Can Bankruptcy Help with Your Medical Bills?

Bankruptcy Attorney

One debt that many people cannot help accumulating is medical debt. When people are ill or hurt and they have no other alternatives but to seek out medical help, which can be costly and continues to mount up. It gets to the point where the debt load is so huge the individual has no recourse but to consider bankruptcy. Even at that they are not sure if bankruptcy will even discharge the medical bills.

Eliminating Bills

The first step is to discuss this issue with a Dayton Bankruptcy attorney. As a lawyer, I will explain to you how the bankruptcy laws work. While not all debts can be discharged in a bankruptcy, medical bills can be. Some types of bills receive priority in the bankruptcy system but medical bills don’t and they are viewed as unsecured debt.

Once you feel comfortable with the information then the next step will be to determine which chapter of the bankruptcy law is most applicable to your specific situation. If you qualify under the Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws then you can have your entire medical debt wiped clean. There is specific criteria that has to be met under Chapter 7 as well as Chapter 13, and your legal counsel will determine which applies to you.

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