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Unfortunately Medical Bills Totaling $1 Million Or More Are Not Rare Anymore

Unfortunately Medical Bills Totaling $1 Million Or More Are Not Rare Anymore

: Richard West Law Office

Many Americans face medical bills in some form, and the number of uninsured or under insured individuals continues to rise. A lack of health insurance or coverage that is skimpy can result in catastrophic costs, and it is no longer rare for individuals to face medical bills which can total $1 million or more after a devastating accident or severe injuries. When a serious accident or other event occurs that causes severe and life threatening injuries the last thing family members and loved ones are concerned with are the costs of the needed medical care. These costs continue to rack up though, and in the end may be staggering.




A typical vehicle accident may include the following scenario: You are in a crash, and you are thrown from the vehicle. Internal bleeding and broken bones are common, and internal injuries are highly likely. Brain injuries, respiratory problems, and other catastrophic injuries are typical after vehicle accidents. Surgeries, weeks in the hospital recovering, ambulance costs, tests, and other costs for the care received can be substantial, and if there is not enough health insurance coverage the patient or responsible party could end up owing these bills.




Million dollar medical costs do not just occur as the result of vehicle accidents, in some cases illnesses and diseases can also be very expensive to treat. The recent case of a woman who became infected with the flesh eating bacteria from a cut shows that an infections, illness, or disease can create a lifetime of medical debt. This specific bacteria can be very deadly, and can result in amputation and other extreme medical measures to stop the spread of the infection. Life support measures may also be needed for a time until the patient can start to recover and stabilize.




A week in the hospital, several high technology tests, and a substantial amount of equipment and services can leave you with a large medical debt that is impossible to pay off. This is especially true if you do not have medical insurance or your coverage in this area is less than ideal. If you are facing this type of debt then you may feel helpless, with no way to pay off the debt and no way to stop the collection calls or letters by arranging for payment. If you have undergone a catastrophic illness or injury then money is already tight, and this medical debt hanging over your head may be a constant distraction that interferes with your recovery and your life.




There is help available if you owe medical debt or most other types of debt. Bankruptcy may be an option that can help you resolve the past due medical bills owed and also deal with any other debt that you have. It is becoming more common across the USA for medical bills to total $1 million or more after a serious accident, illness, or disease. Bankruptcy can help you deal with these debts, either by eliminating them completely or by arranging for manageable payments for 3-5 years and then eliminating any balances still owed.




An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you explore all of your options for dealing with medical debt in any amount, and if you have medical debt that totals hundreds of thousands of dollars or more it may be impossible to pay off the debt during your lifetime. Bankruptcy may offer a fresh start and a brighter future.