Don’t Let Medical Debt Drag You Down, Help Is Available

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Medical debt can drag you down if you allow it to happen. If you have experienced a devastating injury or illness then the odds are that you are facing a mounting pile of medical bills and have no way to pay this debt off. Instead of concentrating on getting back to optimal health you find yourself stressing over demand letters and threatening phone calls. There are many ways to get help with your medical debt so that you can go back to worrying about more important things instead.


If you have significant medical debt then you may need to ask for help. There is nothing wrong in needing help once in a while, everyone does. There are options available that can help you get your medical debt under control and help you regain your financial footing. Even if you have medical insurance a significant illness or injury could cost tens or even hundreds of dollars, and this is in expenses that are not covered by your health plan.


6 Places To Get Help With Your Medical Debt


1. Bankruptcy Specialist/ Debt Relief Lawyer- If you have large amounts of medical debt then you may need to discuss your debt situation with a debt relief lawyer or a bankruptcy specialist. Bankruptcy may be able to eliminate the medical debt that you owe or allow you to schedule manageable payments. The specific result will depend on whether you file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.


2. Family Members And Friends- If you owe a substantial amount of medical debt it may be possible to get a low or no interest loan from family members or friends to pay off this debt. This is not always an option but it may be a possibility in some cases. Discuss your financial needs with those who care about you and see if there is any way to get the money together to pay off medical debt with this method.


3. Local Churches- In some cases local churches and religious organizations may offer to pay part or all of the medical debt that you owe. Each region may offer different churches and religious organizations, and each will have budget considerations that may be different. Try contacting some of the churches in your area, and if they can not help ask if they know of a business who can.


4. Charitable Organizations For Your Specific Medical Condition- Sometimes a charitable organization that deals with your specific disease or illness may contribute towards any medical debt that you have. There are associations for breast cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases that accept charitable contributions and may be willing to contribute towards any medical debt that you owe.


5. State Medical Assistance Programs- Apply for any medical assistance programs offered in your state. Sometimes medicaid or other state medical programs may pay for recent medical expenses that have already been incurred. Most of these programs are based on income and if you qualify yoru medical debt may be eliminated.


6. Medical Care Providers- Talk to the medical care providers that you owe the medical debt to. It may be possible to set up a reasonable payment plan that will keep the account out of collections and avoid negative information on your credit report.

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