Finance Tips for Recent Graduates

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When students graduate from college, they are often faced with many tough decisions about job choice, living situations, and finances. Once you have graduated, most student loans begin within six months, so it is important that you have a financial plan prepared before those payments begin.

If your finances become unmanageable due to student loans, a Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney can educate you on the options available to minimize your debt and regain financial security. There are several ways to keep your finances as stable as possible as you transition from being a college student to being a full time worker; here are just a few tips to help you during this financial transition:

  • Write out a budget. Once you have been working for a few months, you will start to get a better sense of your take-home income. If you know about how much money you make per month, then you can plan your purchases and spending accordingly. Writing out a budget is an easy way to get started in terms of monitoring your finances.
  • Reduce debt as quickly as possible. While your student loans only have to be paid monthly, pay off as much as you can as quickly as possible. Do not just pay the bare minimum; if you have extra income, reducing your overall debt via student loans should be your first priority.
  • Don’t skip health insurance. One of the top reasons people go into debt and need assistance from a bankruptcy attorney is due to medical bills. You may not think you will get sick or injured, but you might. Having healthcare keeps those costs at a more manageable rate.

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