Is Your Past Christmas Expenses Leading You to Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney

Once the year ends and a New Year begins it is started with great anticipation for what the upcoming year will bring but it can also be filled with dread as the credit card bills are now coming in as a result of the Christmas shopping.

Managing Holiday Debt

Many individuals even though they are financially stressed tend to overspend during the Christmas holidays and this can be just enough to put them over the edge when it comes to being able to handle their finances. It has been shown that credit agencies experience a real spike in individuals that need help during the beginning of the New Year simply because they have overextended themselves on their credit cards.

It may be that just this extra cost has been enough that an individual finds they can no longer handle their financial situation and need to seek out the debt relief in the form of bankruptcy. It is really important to know what your situation is a when it comes to bankruptcy as your financial dealings that took place just prior to your filing may be scrutinized. If you have really increased your credit card spending prior to your bankruptcy this can be looked upon negatively by the trustee and this is something that you need to discuss with your Dayton bankruptcy lawyer. Don’t continue and let your financial situation get further out a hand it is most important that you address this problem now especially if you own assets that could be subjected to foreclosure. Unfortunately trying to catch up with the increased credit card debt over and above what you already had may be impossible for you, and this is just added to a bad situation that was already present financially.

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