2011 Gave Jobless Americans Very Little To Be Grateful For

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Christmas is a time for food and fun, family and friends. During this holiday season all of the blessings through the year are counted and appreciated, but for many Americans 2011 gave very few reasons to be grateful because of chronic unemployment, a struggling economy, home foreclosures, and financial difficulties.

An analysis conducted by the National Law Employment Project shows that almost 2 million Americans who are out of work and facing financial hardships will be affected if federal unemployment benefits are not extended soon. By the end of the year 2012 the number could jump from 1.8 million to roughly 6 million if Congress does not take action to prevent this.

Jobless Americans are suffering, and in addition many are underemployed even though they desire full time employment. Unemployment benefits may not seem like much but this financial assistance can often mean the difference between meeting your bills or falling even further behind. While unemployed Americans are hunting for jobs record numbers are also cutting expenses as much as possible and eliminating small luxuries. Basic cable, holiday menus, Christmas gifts, and many other items taken for granted in the past have now become a struggle to afford.

The middle class of America seems to be in a downward spiral and many Americans are unsure where to turn. Without unemployment benefits many of those who barely scrape by will soon be without any financial means. This may lead to a large rise in homeless individuals, and as more people cut back on things and withdraw from society millions of Americans are affected.

Household budgets this holiday season are glum and strapped for financial resources. At a time when you should be enjoying friends and counting blessings you may find yourself counting change and praying for a miracle in the form of a job. There is a lack of investment in the American worker today that is distressing for many. Many long term unemployed are forced to use resources intended for retirement, drain savings accounts, and even file for bankruptcy. These are Americans that want to work but can not find full time steady employment in the current economy.

The number of personal bankruptcies has been on the rise since the economic downturn started. The supposed economic recovery did not stop this trend because the recovery never reached the middle and lower classes in the country. In 2011 it is expected that around one and a half million people filed for bankruptcy protection and it is expected that 2012 will be the same unless something drastic occurs. Many of those who filed for bankruptcy in 2011 did so because of long term unemployment, chronic underemployment, or the sudden stop of unemployment benefits.

Personal bankruptcy can be the solution needed. This solution will provide a long term answer to the financial struggles you are facing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help erase your debts and give you a fresh financial start while chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you keep your vehicle and home in most cases while allowing you to resolve your financial problems at the same time. This can make all the difference in the world to a family who is struggling just to get by and make ends meet. There is a solution to your debt and financial issues and help is available.

If you are one of the long term unemployed women, you are underemployed and facing economic hardship because of this, or you feel like you are swimming in debt with no way out there is help and debt solutions available. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can help you turn your finances around and give you a fresh start when you need it most. The bankruptcy attorneys at Richard West Law can help provide a free debt consolidation consultation to help you find the right answer for your unique debt problems and circumstances. Visit https://www.debtfreeohio.com or call (513)771-8700 or (937)748-1749 to get the answers you want, and the financial relief you are looking for.  Or call 1-800-956-5152 for their 24 hour free information hotline.

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