American Airlines Ordered Not To Cut Pensions

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It has been a grueling two and a half year process in the American Airlines bankruptcy filing. After many negotiations with employee and labor unions resulted in little progress for the pockets of American Airlines, the case stagnated until the merger with US Airways came into play.

Merge Not Purge

The end of the American Airlines case officially ended in December of last year, but American officials are still trying to iron out a number of issues. Despite the merger with US Airways, American has yet to resolve several financial problems, including the biggest one of cutting pensions and employee  benefits.

Since the initial filing in November of 2011, American has fought hard to cut the pensions and life insurance benefits for employees and those retired. Union  leaders did agree to a restructured benefits program for retirees, but are still holding firm on other aspects for current employees. This week American has yet again been denied the right to terminate health and life insurance benefits. However, there has been no word as to the fate of benefits for non-unionized employees.

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