Concerns Grow Over Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Services

Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are in the process of finding help with your debts be sure you know who you are working with to find resolution. A new wave of document preparation companies are popping up around the country and many are offering advice not found on solid legal knowledge. Bottom line:  if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, only choose an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Prepare Properly

Avoid bankruptcy petition preparers, they are not lawyers. They are simply a “typing service” that can only transcribe the information you report to them. They cannot offer you legal advice, although  many often try. There has been a crackdown in many states over these petition preparers, many being sued for offering advice illegally and others being ordered to refund the fees for services.

In short, they simply collect money for typing up documents you can do yourself or have done by your Dayton bankruptcy attorney. Besides being able to provide you with knowledge and expert guidance, your attorney is also there to mediate your interactions with creditors and ensure your case is managed as smoothly as possible. Never undervalue the price for working with a true professional. The truth is you can’t afford to have your case mismanaged only to end up still under a growing debt burden and without the fresh start you need.

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