Business And Personal Bankruptcies Are Picking Up Pace Across America

Bankruptcy Attorney


According to many experts the recession ended in 2009, but for most consumers this news has not changed the current outlook. The pace of bankruptcy filings in America is on the rise, and this includes both personal bankruptcies and business bankruptcies. Every day the news in many major cities includes reports of companies that are filing for bankruptcy protection, and these companies run the spectrum from small businesses where the owner is the only employee up to many large organizations and well known corporations.




Both consumers and businesses are dealing with an economy that continues to struggle, and signs of improvement are not frequent enough to change the current situation much. Many individuals and business owners have had to file for bankruptcy protection, due to increasing amounts of debt and little hope of digging their way out of the current financial difficulties and sluggish business climate. Some of these cases involve individuals who have lost jobs or suffered from catastropic illnesses and injuries. Business owners across America have seen a big decline in consumer spending, and business profits have dropped significantly in many cities and states.




Many business owners have taken numerous steps to stop their companies from being forced under by lowered revenues and ann increase in costs. If the business has employees these are often laid off or let go, and many business owners have gone weeks or even months without making any pay from the company in an effort to keep things going. This leads to an increase in personal debt for the business owner because the financial resources available are being funneled into the company rather than being used by the owner to pay personal debt instead. Eventually the company and the owner will both go under if something is not done.




Bankruptcy can be a solution for individuals, married couples, and business owners and companies. This solution is not the right answer in every single case, but most of the time bankruptcy can help you finally get a handle on your finances and allow you to get your debts under control at the same time. If you are considering bankruptcy then you are not alone. The number of bankruptcy filing has been going up, and this statistic is relevant to business bankruptcy cases as well as personal bankruptcy cases. The rise is due to many factors, but the current economy and the deficit issues that the USA is still facing play a part in the financial difficulties and rising debt levels that many consumers and businesses are facing.




The rise in bankruptcy filings may taper off soon, or these numbers could continue in the same trend until things really start to improve for consumers and businesses both. The talk of recovery is seen by some as optimistic because many Americans are still seeing financial difficulty and having trouble making ends meet. Bankruptcy can be the answer in many cases, and can offer a fresh financial start. It is no surprise the number of bankruptcy filings is up because more companies and individuals are struggling with debt than ever before.




Some areas of America have been hit harder than others but on average the bankruptcy numbers are up in every area of the country. If bankruptcy may help with your current situation then you should consult a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible. This legal professional can outline the benefits and drawbacks of bankruptcy in your specific case, whether you are an individual or a business owner.