Casey Anthony Awarded Partial Bankruptcy Discharge

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In 2008, Casey Anthony made national headlines after the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. During the search for her daughter’s body and as the prime suspect during the investigation, Casey Anthony collected incredible bills that she was unable to pay. Now, a Florida bankruptcy judge has partially approved Casey Anthony’s Chapter 7 petition and has dismissed the charges filed against her by Texas EquuSearch.

Casey Anthony: Center of Chapter 7 Controversy

Texas EquuSearch claims that Casey Anthony sought help from the search organization though she already knew that her daughter was dead. According to Texas EquuSearch, over $100,000 was needlessly spent searching for a missing person when search efforts should have been focused on finding the body. Texas EquuSearch cites evidence including Anthony’s claim that her daughter drowned in the swimming pool.

Of course, Casey Anthony is best known for her high-profile trial in 2011, when she was convicted of four misdemeanors but was ultimately acquitted of the murder. As Texas EquuSearch was in the process of suing Casey Anthony, she sought protection through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. With the help of a bankruptcy attorney, Anthony was able to argue that she was not responsible for Texas EquuSearch’s involvement.

Anthony’s bankruptcy attorney, David L. Schrader, was able to help her achieve a “fresh start” with a partial Chapter 7 bankruptcy victory. With the judge’s ruling, Texas EquuSearch has 21 days to amend its lawsuit against Anthony. Even with the help of a bankruptcy attorney, it remains unclear whether or not Anthony’s Chapter 7 filing will continue to provide protection. Regardless, Anthony’s case once again showcases the importance of working with a bankruptcy attorney, especially when dealing with creditors of any sort.

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