Financial Improvements on the Horizon?

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For a long time, our country’s economy has been struggling. We’ve had to deal with increased gas prices, increased student loans, a struggling stock market, a bouncing housing market, and high unemployment rates. Currently, some welcome potential financial changes have appeared on the horizon, such as the following:

  • Lower gas prices. For the first time in four years, the national average for gasoline has dropped below $3 a gallon, both as a consequence of the switch to winter gasoline and because of the improving economy. With holiday traveling coming up, many people are excited about cheaper gas and about the chance to save money in a way they weren’t previously expecting.
  • The dollar is improving. For a few years, the dollar lost its value at a frighteningly high rate. It reached its low in 2011, but now appears to be strong once again. As the Euro weakens and the rest of the world goes through financial adjustments, the strengthening dollar is improving the American economy and the purchasing power of the American public.
  • Price wars. A price war is a shopper’s dream. The term refers to when retailers continually and competitively lower prices in an effort to attract the most customers. As the economy begins to improve, retailers are again striving to outdo each other with competitive prices, with many retailers taking into account their online competitors as well. Target, Best Buy, and Walmart have all implemented or are in the process of implementing plans to match online prices in their stores.

These and other signs of economic health abound, giving many Americans hope for our country’s financial future.


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