Nadya Suleman Owes Almost $1 Million, Files For Bankruptcy Protection, And Fails

Bankruptcy Attorney

Nadya Suleman, the woman who shocked the world by having octuplets as a single mom who already had 6 children, has filed for bankruptcy protection. This is not surprising given that Suleman has had to apply for public assistance and has only been able to find work on a sporadic basis. When the bankruptcy petition was filed the list of creditors was long, and included debts that amount to between half a million dollars and one million dollars. Suleman was recently using a personal hairdresser and has the money for many perks but is asking for debt forgiveness from the bankruptcy court.

Suleman’s bankruptcy petition lists numerous creditors, including her attorneys as well as many businesses and municipal entities. The initial bankruptcy petition was declined however, because Nadye Suleman neglected to turn in the required documentation. The petition was filed under chapter 7 in the hopes of eliminating the unpaid debts. There may have been some question about the financial status and recent payments that Suleman has paid in recent months.

If bankruptcy is the right choice an experienced bankruptcy attorney should be consulted before this step is taken. Do it yourself bankruptcy often ends up as a failed experiment and a waste of time and money. There are many forms that require completion and a number of documents that must be filed with the bankruptcy court. If all the required documentation and forms are not submitted in a timely manner then the case may be thrown out. This was a lesson that Nadye Suleman learned the hard way.

This case shows just how important an experienced and qualified bankruptcy attorney can be to the success or failure of this type of case. If the proper process is not followed exactly then the petition may be dismissed and the filing fee and other costs involved may be forfeited. You could end up having to start from scratch again. This can be a devastating blow, one that can be avoided if the right bankruptcy attorney is retained.

If Nadya Suleman had chosen a qualified bankruptcy attorney and turned in all the documentation required the odds are that she could have had most if not all of her debts discharged and erased. The bankruptcy process is complex and unforgiven, and even small mistakes can be very costly in this situation. It is important that a bankruptcy attorney is chosen who understands this area of the law very well. This will prevent any problems or mistakes with your case and ensure that you get the outcome and discharge that you want and need.

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