State Program Offers Ohio Student Loan Break

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Ohio student loan debt has reached epic proportions along with every other state in the union over the past decade. With the rising cost of tuition, students of all degree levels can end up with a massive student loan debt burden upon graduating, leaving them with an enormous hole to dig themselves out of. What few individuals realize is that the cost of obtaining and doctoral, medical, or dental degree is much more expensive than a bachelor’s degree or even of a master’s program shingle. The state of Ohio recently released news that it’s rolling out a new student scholarship program aimed at decreasing the student loan debt that dental students leave school with.

OSU’s New College of Dentistry Incentive

Ohio State University‘s College of Dentistry program will now award four-scholarships to dentistry students who help out by working in underserved areas. The program, called the CARE program, stands for Commitment to Access, Resources, and Education, and the Dean of the College of Dentistry is hoping to expand the program to encompass more students. Dentistry students at Ohio State University can apply to the program and must maintain a 3.4 GPA and receive mentorship from a dentist during their work in order to qualify for the program.

CARE Program: Old Approach to New Profession

The CARE program will be an excellent recruitment school for aspiring dentists but will also be able to eliminate student loan debt for college students entering the workforce. This type of program isn’t new or novel, the Obama error education reform included very similar student loan forgiveness for nurses and doctors willing to work in underserved areas as well. For the lucky students who qualify for the CARE program, the new dentists will be able to practice in Appalachian counties in the southern, southeastern, and eastern parts of Ohio that are federally deemed to be in short supply of dentists.

Preventing Student Loan Debt

As an Ohio bankruptcy law firm, eliminating student loan debt is one of the most requested reasons for an initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. Student loan debt nationwide continues to be a massive problem that has appeared as an albatross around the necks of Millennials entering the workforce and beginning their careers and families. One of the best ways to eliminate student loan debt is to avoid it whenever possible in the first place. For those individuals who must take out loans for college, ensure you don’t take out more than you need and spend time researching grants and scholarships that you may qualify for in an effort to take out the smallest amount of loan funding as possible. If you have struggled with paying back student debt, contact an Dayton Ohio bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your options in obtaining financial counseling and possible filing a petition for bankruptcy protection.


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