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TV Celebrity Awaits Bankruptcy Fraud Trial

TV Celebrity Awaits Bankruptcy Fraud Trial

: Richard West Law Office

televisionStar of Television’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, has made her niche in reality shows like Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Having dodged some of the criticism and controversy shared by her cast mates, Giudice’s luck has run out and is now the center of a trial over allegations of bankruptcy fraud.

Living Lavishly, Costly Mistake

Teresa and her husband are scheduled to appear in court in April to face allegations of bankruptcy fraud. The Giudice’s filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and voluntarily withdrew their case in 2011. They are facing counts of fraud and could soon find themselves behind bars. With allegations of fraud ranging from mail, to tax and bankruptcy the Giudice’s are facing serious charges with steep consequences.

Perhaps the most controversial part of the entire case is the recent discovery of the Giudice’s spending money they obtained illegally on a lavish vacation with their kids. Not only is now not the time to be blowing money on expensive trips, but the Giudice’s could be committing another offense in the eyes of the bankruptcy court.