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Can I Save My Home with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

July 26, 2017 | Posted in Chapter 13

The short answer to “Can I save my home with Chapter 13 bankruptcy?” is often times, yes. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you as a homeowner to delay or stop a foreclosure, in addition to paying off the mortgage debt on your home. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and can’t seem to […]

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Woman in Evansville, IN Sentenced in Bankruptcy Fraud Scheme

July 20, 2017 | Posted in News

It seems that every week we hear of a court filing criminal charges on someone who is attempting to defraud the bankruptcy court system in America. This week is no different, as the news emerged that a 58 year old woman in Evansville, IN, Patricia Bippus-Allen, was sentenced to five years in prison following a […]

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Who Files For Bankruptcy?

July 18, 2017 | Posted in Bankrtuptcy Filing

Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be an agonizing process, and one that sometimes can lead to feelings of guilt or shame. In order to offer you some respite for these feelings, it’s important to think of the common reasons for filing bankruptcy, and who files for bankruptcy. The common belief is that people who […]

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Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Problems

July 11, 2017 | Posted in Bankruptcy

In looking for advice and services in preparation for a bankruptcy filing, you may have come across advertisements or solicitations from a bankruptcy petition preparer, and noticed that these individuals are somewhat cheaper in cost than compared to hiring an attorney. There is a reason for this. In bankruptcy law, a petition preparer is an […]

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Debts That Are Not Dischargeable

July 5, 2017 | Posted in Debt

So you want to file a bankruptcy case, and get rid of your debts? Chances are, it may always be discharged, which can happen in broadly two scenarios. One: certain kinds of debts are not dischargeable; two: a debt may not be discharged if your creditor has an objection.  We’ll only talk about the first one […]

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Can I Skip Credit Counseling in Bankruptcy?

July 3, 2017 | Posted in Credit Counseling

There are two parts to every bankruptcy that takes place in the United States, per the Bankruptcy code: an “entry” credit counseling to be completed prior to filing bankruptcy in Dayton, and an “exit” credit counseling to be completed prior to exiting bankruptcy. These two credit counseling session cannot be skipped, and are intended to […]

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The Sears Canada Bankruptcy

June 29, 2017 | Posted in News

On June 22nd, 2017, Sears Canada filed for bankruptcy. First, we should ask: How is this different and similar from filing bankruptcy in the United States? An oversight committee will be assigned to keep an eye on the financial day to day operations of the company without having direct control. The Sears Canada bankruptcy was filed […]

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Bankruptcy Discharge

June 22, 2017 | Posted in Bankruptcy

When you file for a bankruptcy, you are no longer liable for a part or all of your debts, and don’t have to pay your creditors anything. Plus, third parties or debt collectors cannot approach you anymore. The formal term used for this is a bankruptcy discharge or a general discharge. Generally, when your debt […]

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Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

June 20, 2017 | Posted in Taxes

While most outstanding, unsecured loans are written off or discharged in case of a bankruptcy, tax debt in bankruptcy is not one of them. Taxes are compulsory payments that you make to the government. There are a number of taxes that you pay, including income tax, that you cannot ignore. If you do not pay […]

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Stopping Foreclosure with Bankruptcy

June 15, 2017 | Posted in Foreclosure

If you have been unable to keep up with your home mortgage payments your lender may issue you a notice of foreclosure. You might want to consider filing a petition for bankruptcy. This will allow you to deal with your debt and still be able to keep the house. Stopping foreclosure with bankruptcy under chapter 13 […]

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