Winning Wage Garnishment Wars

Bankruptcy Attorney Dayton, Oh

Wage garnishment is not a pleasant experience. In fact, many people find out the hard way just how difficult the process can be. Further, you could have your wages garnished without any warning. While creditors must follow a certain protocol to obtain a garnishment order, there are plenty of instances in which your debt accounts could go from the hands of a collector to an order to your employer in a matter of weeks.

Fighting For Your Money

Each state has specific laws on how wage garnishment orders are obtained and implemented, but they all lead to the same outcome; a portion of  your income being paid directly to a creditor before you even see your check. The obvious solution to avoiding this hassle is prevention. If you have yet to deal with wage garnishment and are still being hounded by a collector, contact your creditor to discuss negotiating your debts. However, if you are already experiencing wage garnishment you will need the help of a professional.

A qualified Dayton bankruptcy lawyer is your first line of defense against a wage garnishment order. Filing for bankruptcy issues a different court order, called an automatic stay.  This order immediately halts all debt collection actions, including garnishments. Once your garnishments are terminated you will be able to resolve your debts under court supervision, which is often the more effective way gain strength in negotiating with creditors. Further, once your debts are discharged at the end of your case the automatic order becomes permanent, allowing for those debts to be protected against any future collections or garnishment orders.

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