Get Answers to your Debt Problems – Now!
You have debt problems.  You are upset and don’t know what to
do.  You need answers.  You need
information.  What options do you have?  What will
happen if you file bankruptcy?  What will happen if you don’t?

Just the thought of filing a bankruptcy is frightening for most
people.  Most of us have only heard stories about bankruptcy,
and most of what we think we know comes from neighbors, co-workers and
friends.  They mean well, but they are not bankruptcy experts.

You need the facts.  When you need something important done
right, or need information about something complex, like an important
legal issue, you want a specialist.  You don’t make important
decisions based on hearsay and guessing.

At Richard West Law Office, we limit our practice to debt
relief.  It’s all we do. Thousands of families have trusted
our expertise to get them through tough times.  We can
probably help you too.  And we go out of our way to make it
easy for you to get the answers you need to make the right decision.

    • Our website has lots of real and complete
      information.   Take your time. Read the pages and
      view the videos.  There are answers to dozens of the most
      frequently asked questions we get from our clients every day.
    • Download our “60-Second Cheat-Sheets”  You won’t
      find these anywhere else.  Just the facts.  Basic
      information you can easily read and understand in less than one minute.
      And, if you have more than a minute, download the longer 5 minute
      version, which gives you a more in-depth understanding of what you need
      to know.
    • If you just have a question or two, you can send us an
      email and we will respond.  Just go to the “Contact Us” page
      and send us your questions.
    • Call us up, we will answer your questions on the
      phone.  We will schedule an attorney to answer your questions
      on the phone.  You don’t need to take time off work to get the
      answers you need.

Free Consultations

Free office consultations with an experienced bankruptcy
attorney.  We will review all of your options with you,
including non-bankruptcy options, so you will know what you can do, and
what will happen depending on the option you choose.