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Representing Yourself In Court

If you have been sued, you have the right to represent yourself in court.  You might just win!

But, there are some things you should know before you take on the creditor’s lawyers.

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Because I am a Certified Credit Counselor and a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist, I can tell you what ALL of your debt relief options are.  You may NOT need a bankruptcy (and how many bankruptcy attorneys will tell you that?).   Click the link below for your free e-book, and then, call me for an appointment to privately review your options.  One conversation with me will tell you what direction is best for you.

Why keep wondering and worrying?

Don’t lose another night’s sleep agonizing over bills you just can’t pay! Call me for a private consultation to discuss your options.  I accept a limited number of telephone appointments for those who have enough debt to need my expertise.  Call (937) 240-0344 to  discuss your concerns with me.

Representing yourself in court


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