Bankruptcy research on the Internet

General Bankruptcy InformationMany of my bankruptcy attorney friends complain that people who come to see them have looked up bankruptcy information on the Internet.

I just laugh.

Of course people are going to look up information on the Internet!

I do it all the time.

In fact, before I go to my doctor I look at my symptoms on Web M.D.

I tell my doctor about it.

We both laugh.

I want to see if there’s something that I can learn myself before I see my specialist.

There’s nothing wrong with this.

In fact, when it comes to bankruptcy, I see it is a good thing.

Many of my clients are bright, intelligent people  They want to know all of their options.

So they Google “bankruptcy attorney” to see what attorneys are out there and what they have to say on their website.

They search for “discharge of credit cards in bankruptcy”  to learn about their options to get rid of overwhelming credit card debt.

They type in” save my home from foreclosure” when, due to circumstances beyond their control, they haven’t been able to make the house payment in a while have received a lawsuit.

Bankruptcy research on the Internet is a good thing.

The problem that people have is that they don’t know sometimes how to interpret what they read.

In fact, some of the information that they read on the internet is conflicting and actually untrue.

I have looked at a number of attorney websites only to find out, to my surprise, that the information they’re giving out is incorrect.

As a board certified consumer bankruptcy specialist and certified credit counselor, I know all the ways to get you out of debt and how to properly analyze your needs so  that you get the right result.

I think it’s a great thing when you come to me already educated about some of the things that will be talking about.