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On the website, we have a number of educational videos that answer many of the questions you may have about bankruptcy, how it works, and what it can do for you and your family.If you invest a few minutes of you time watching them, you will be rewarded with a better understanding of your options, and this will help you determine the best solution for your financial stress.

Learn about some of the things you will encounter when filing for bankruptcy and what you can expect from your case filing.

Get to know the basics behind a Chapter 7 filing and how it affects your debts and property.

Get to know the basics of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and how it affects your debts and property.

Learn about how bankruptcy can actually improve your credit score and your chances at credit after bankruptcy.

Find out how bankruptcy can actually protect your property from seizure, repossession and foreclosure.

Get to know how the bankruptcy process works and what you can expect along the way.

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Learn about some the biggest benefits in filing for bankruptcy.

Learn about what types of debts can be handled in bankruptcy and which debts can be the worst for consumers.

Find out how tax problems can be resolved and whether tax debts are eligible for bankruptcy.

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If you live in our practice area, Southern Ohio, from south of I-70 to the Ohio River, and West of Columbus, you can also email questions to us at Questions@DebtFreeOhio.com Or, if you would like a telephone conference with an attorney, simply call us up and we will be happy to schedule an attorney to review your financial situation with you and discuss your options with you.

Remember, we also review non-bankruptcy options and never recommend that anyone file bankruptcy if that is not what is in their best interests. The consultation is free, no pressure, no strings attached, and completely confidential.

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