Bill Collectors! How can you Stop them?

Bill Collectors! How can you Stop them?Bill Collectors are after your money.

If they don’t get it, they attack.

Endless phone calls, and filling your mailbox with bills, and threats of lawsuits. We will tell you what they can, and cannot, do and this makes you immune to their scare tactics. Once you get your bankruptcy case filed, that’s it.

The Bill Collectors have to Stop. COLD!

After your case is filed, Bill Collectors have to contact us. Not you.

In fact, after anyone files for bankruptcy, it is illegal for Bill Collectors to continue collection by any means.

That means no more nasty calls, no more “nasty threatening ” letters, no more calls at work, and hopefully, no more sleepless nights.

Once you hire us, even before we file your case, you can simply refer all Bill Collector calls over to us!

You then hang up and we handle the rest! Now the Bill Collectors have to talk to our Attorneys.

And they don’t like that because they know that we know the law!

They can’t push around our Attorneys around or try to get their way using misinformation, illegal threats, or scare tactics.

Once you file, the creditors are no longer in control. YOU ARE!

Not all creditors like this, we know that, but far too many of them are.

They don’t care about you or your situation. They just want your money.

If you’ve ever been the target of obnoxious, hateful bill collectors, you know how bad it can get, how these kinds of calls can be extremely unsettling, frightening and even intimidating.

Questions arise in your mind.

    • Can they really do what they threaten?
    • Can they really come take my stuff?
    • It is O.K. for them to call me at work?
    • Do I have to put up with this?
    • Don’t I get credit for all the payments I have made over the years?

Fact is, that they threaten garnishment, threaten to take your paycheck, even threaten your house. But even when its possible for any of these things to be done legally. It requires (And the Bill Collector never tells you this) that the creditor has to hire a lawyer.

The lawyer has to send you fair debt collection notices and then wait certain lengths of time and then actually file a law suit, which give you more time, and you can legally contest all or part of many of these suits. And all this takes a lot of time.

They make it sound like they can start the garnishment Friday, or they will wipe out your bank account tonight.

Not true.

Worst of all are the calls you get at work. These calls are not only embarrassing, but if the calls continue, they can lose you your job.

So what do you do?

Want to stop those harassing phone calls?

You can, but it may take filing bankruptcy.

What’s the alternative?

If you don’t file bankruptcy, it’s really hard to fight back.

Even though bill collectors are not supposed to call beyond certain times, that’s a federal law that applies to bill collectors, those collecting debts for others.

That doesn’t apply in Ohio to the original creditors.

So, if master card calls you at 6am, that is probably not even covered by the fair debt collection act.

Why do creditors do this?

Because most people don’t know their rights

Most people are more concerned with their immediate debt problems than what they may be able to do about the bill collectors that violate the fair debt collection practice act.

Filing bankruptcy stops all this!

It gives you time to breathe. Time to think.

And, if your rights have been violated by bill collators, you can sue them and collect Money from them!

If a bill collector goes over the line and abuses you, it’s illegal.

And you have rights, under Fair Debt Collections Act.

That’s right. You can sue them, and we can help.

If you Have been harassed and abused by a bill collector, you can fight back.

We can help. Let us know what is going on and we will be able to tell you if you can turn the tables on the bill collectors and actually sue them.

We will go over all of this, and a lot more too, when you come in to see us. Remember, the consultation is totally FREE. You have nothing to lose.