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Can bankruptcy improve my credit?

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[bkvideo file=”/bkvideos/Can bankruptcy improve my credit.mp4″ width=”590″ height=”443″ thumb=”default”] Many people stress over the effects debt and bankruptcy will have on their credit. The truth is that you can actually improve your credit with a bankruptcy discharge. Video transcript: Bankruptcy can improve your credit. Let me repeat that, bankruptcy can actually improve your credit. You […]

If I file for bankruptcy, does it mean my old bad debts are erased from my credit report?

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[bkvideo file=”/bkvideos/Does it mean my old bad debts are erased complete update.mp4″ width=”590″ height=”443″ thumb=”default”] When you file for bankruptcy, your personal obligation to pay debts is legally erased. However, this is not to say that the information will be erased from a credit report. Credit reporting bureaus are permitted to continue to list that […]

Can I get credit after bankruptcy?

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[bkvideo file=”/bkvideos/can_i_get_credit_cards_after_bankruptcy_2016.mp4″ width=”590″ height=”443″ thumb=”default”] Not only is it possible to get credit after bankruptcy, it’s probably easier for many people to get credit after bankruptcy than it is before they file their bankruptcy! If you think about it, the reason is pretty easy to understand. Before the bankruptcy you have a lot more debt […]