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Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus

Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus?

Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus? Debt collectors can take stimulus money. Stimulus money is not protected from debt collectors under the CARES Act. Here’s what you need to know to protect your stimulus from debt collectors. The good news: The CARES Act is passed and many will receive stimulus checks.The bad news: Debt collectors know […]

Compulsive Spending and Bankruptcy

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Some people become addicted to accumulating things with uncontrollable spending. This often causes enormous debt. If the problem becomes too common, it can interfere will other parts of the consumer’s life. Chronic overspending can cause issues with your home life, work, and friends. Often compulsive spending leads to bankruptcy to eliminate the unsecured debt and […]

Ohio Debt Reduction and Waiver Program Begins for Drivers

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The new Ohio debt reduction and waiver program were launched on January 31st, 2019 by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to help drivers get their Ohio driver’s license back. The program will help reduce or waive debt owed by drivers to help individuals whose driver’s license is suspended due non-payment of fees for certain […]