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Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus

Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus?

Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus? Debt collectors can take stimulus money. Stimulus money is not protected from debt collectors under the CARES Act. Here’s what you need to know to protect your stimulus from debt collectors. The good news: The CARES Act is passed and many will receive stimulus checks.The bad news: Debt collectors know […]

Keeping Furniture and Appliances in Ohio Bankruptcy

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Ohio Bankruptcy Attorneys will often tell you that you don’t have to give up any property that you want to keep when you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is, for the large part, true thanks to the Ohio bankruptcy exemptions, which are designed to protect certain property from being sold by the bankruptcy trustee. […]

What Property Is At Risk During Bankruptcy?

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The biggest fear for many who are contemplating seeking protection through bankruptcy is exactly what property will be taken and sold off to satisfy the creditors and what property will be exempt from the proceedings. As discussed in previous blogs, the answer to that question is that it varies from state to state. The fact […]

Property Transfer and Bankruptcy

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There are a wide variety of questions that are posed by people who are contemplating possibly seeking protection under bankruptcy laws. One question that seems to be raised time and time again is with regard to property transfer prior to filing. The number one thing you should do before transferring anything to anyone is have […]

Can My Car Be Repossessed if I Go Bankrupt?

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Many individuals need their car for more than just convenience. It is there only way to get to their place of employment. Individuals who own a car and are thinking of going bankrupt worry about whether their car will be repossessed. Keeping Property For those that have already started the Chapter7 bankruptcy proceedings, the car […]

When Bankruptcy Is Filed After Divorce Are You Responsible For The Debt Of Your Ex Spouse?

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  Now that you are divorced what happens if your ex decides to file for bankruptcy? Are you responsible for the debts that they owe? When a divorce is finalized there is normally an agreement that details the assets and debts that the couple owe, both individually and jointly.   This agreement should determine who […]