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Can I Eliminate Pay Day Loans with Bankruptcy?

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Pay Day loans can be both a blessing a curse. On the one hand, they offer consumers who lack an emergency savings account or access to credit cards access to financing. On the other hand, payday loans, with their stringent terms and high-interest rates can quickly spiral into an uncontrollable cycle. Payday loans typically come […]

Four Money Mistakes Haunting Millennials

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The financial outlook for the majority of millennials is frightening. Too many are drowning in different types of debt. From the inability to survive on their paycheck to being denied mortgages, millennials’ debt is a real problem. It is important to learn the four money mistakes haunting millennials to avoid your own children from falling […]

Is Your Past Christmas Expenses Leading You to Bankruptcy?

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Once the year ends and a New Year begins it is started with great anticipation for what the upcoming year will bring but it can also be filled with dread as the credit card bills are now coming in as a result of the Christmas shopping. Managing Holiday Debt Many individuals even though they are […]