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File your Taxes on Time if Planning to Declare Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re struggling with taxes, you should know that declaring bankruptcy can eliminate, but only some types of taxes and only if you file your taxes on time prior to declaring bankruptcy. The US Bankruptcy court has very specific rules that must be filled in order for a debtor to successfully discharge their debt. Tax […]

What Happens To My Tax Refund If I Declare Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney

A question that comes up quite frequently when discussing bankruptcy is tax refunds. Some people who typically get rather large refunds have wondered whether or not their refunds will be used to pay off creditors if they decide to file for bankruptcy protection. The answer to that question depends greatly on when and how they […]

Will the Bankruptcy Trustee Take My Tax Return?

Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are going through a Cincinnati bankruptcy, you will be assigned a bankruptcy trustee. This official determines the outcome of your proceedings. The rules and regulations are different for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In either case you will have to declare your tax return. In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy it can […]