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If Fraud is Suspected By The Bankruptcy Trustee What Will Happen?

Bankruptcy Attorney

  The spector of bankruptcy fraud is one that causes concern for many people. This activity is a serious criminal offense that can have enormous consequences, both inside your bankruptcy case and in the criminal courts. If you are found guilty of bankruptcy fraud you could end up facing large fines or even be sent […]

Bankruptcy Petition Preparation Firms Are Under Increased Judicial Scrutiny

Bankruptcy Attorney

  Judges who preside over bankruptcy cases have started to use harsh measures against fraudulent bankruptcy petition preparers in the last few months. One petition preparer was recently convicted of defrauding clients and received a sentence of 27 months in prison for the crimes committed. Some of the offenses that may be committed by bankruptcy […]

Bankruptcy Fraud Is A Serious Offense, And You Will Usually Be Found Out

Bankruptcy Attorney

  Bankruptcy fraud is a very serious offense, and this crime is typically caught by the bankruptcy trustee or judge in most cases. In the last few years the number of bankruptcy fraud cases have increased. Individuals who commit this crime range across all income and celebrity levels, from the rich and famous to the […]