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Can I File For Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney

  Can I file for bankruptcy? This is a question that many have pondered, and an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you answer it accurately. This professional will carefully review every aspect of your situation and then help you make the best choice for your finances and circumstances. There are some things that you should […]

Credit Counseling Is One Bankruptcy Requirement That Makes Perfect Sense

Bankruptcy Attorney

  If you file for bankruptcy then you must go through credit counseling, and fulfill certain financial management conditions so that your debt will be resolved and you get a fresh financial beginning. Until recent changes in the bankruptcy laws credit counseling was not mandatory. The revisions to the bankruptcy code included the requirement for […]

What If I Am Missing Tax Information? Can I Still File For Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Attorney

  If you need to file for bankruptcy protection some of the most important documentation that you will need to provide concerns your tax information. Most individuals do not realize the importance of these documents when the decision to file for bankruptcy is made. What happens if you do not have the documentation needed though? […]