Can I Discharge Medical Bills in Bankruptcy?(yes – its one of the top reasons people file)

Medical bills cause more financial disasters than anyone can imagine.  You can file bankruptcy on medical bills.  Filing bankruptcy on medical bills is more common than you know.  Medical bankruptcy is on the rise – and for good reason.  You can discharge medical bills in bankruptcy, and there are ways to be sure you can continue to get the health care you need.  That’s important.  And not knowing this is what keeps too many people from even finding out their options to discharge medical bills in bankruptcy.  They think they will not be able to go to the hospital or get the care they need.  Not true.

Even if you have insurance, one serious (or not so serious) illness can totally wipe you out.

One day you are humming along, finances not great, but not a problem.  You are ok. Things are normal.

Then, out of nowhere – disaster strikes.

Could be an illness.  Could be an accident.

Even something as “routine” as slipping in the shower or stumbling down a few steps can leave you unable to work, or worse.

Sometimes you bounce back quickly, but if you’re unlucky, that doesn’t happen.

Then what?

Can you file bankruptcy on medical bills?

(yes, and you can still get the health care you need)

Insurance only goes so far, if you are lucky enough to have insurance.

Often there is none, or the deductibles are so high that it really doesn’t matter.  You’re sunk. Bills so big you can’t even begin to pay then.  Bills come at you from 18 different directions.

Seems like if a doctor walks by your room, or looked at your records, you get a bill that defies understanding.

Then the collections start.

Medical bills go to collections faster than any other kind of debt I see.

If not paid in full in about 90 days, you will soon hear from bill collectors.

And they are generally not very nice.

Even if you are lucky enough to only be out of work for a short time, too often the bills are too much to pay.

Long term payment plans sometimes work.  If you can get all of the doctors, hospitals, labs, therapists, and everyone else on board.  you might be able to get a payment plan that leaves  you enough to keep the lights on and food on the table.

If you’re lucky.

But what if there is just not enough to go around, or if they won’t all agree to something that’s realistic?

Then what?

Or what if your medical situation is such that you just can’t pay anymore?  What then?

And, if you file a bankruptcy on your medical bills, does that mean that you can’t ever go back to the hospital?  What would you do if you ever needed to go back in the future?

Fortunately, I have been helping deal with medical bankruptcy issues for nearly 30 years, and have the answers to all these questions.

You need to know how medical bankruptcy works.  How medical bankruptcy affects you future.  What medical bills you can discharge in bankruptcy and what the future holds if you do file a medical bankruptcy, for your future medical care.

We can help.  You are not alone.  You won’t end up being shut out of medical care if you need it.

Call today for a free phone consultation with one of our counselors.  You’ll feel better right away.

It’ll be just what the doctor ordered.

Find out how you can still get the health care you need, even if you need to file bankruptcy on medical bills.  Call (937)  today.  You’ll sleep better tonight.