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Amberly, Ohio, and Golf Manor, Ohio, zip code 45237, are villages which are close to Cincinnati, Ohio and which are located in Hamilton county, Ohio. Through August 2017 over 3,200 personal consumer bankruptcy case filings have been made by residents in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding areas including Amberly and Golf Manor. Few if any bankruptcy attorneys can be found in these smaller villages, and most folks who need a bankruptcy attorney will need to go to Cincinnati in order to find an attorney who is a specialist in filing consumer bankruptcy cases. The people in this area and 45237 zip code need a bankruptcy attorney with experience and substantial bankruptcy knowledge to determine where to file for bankruptcy protection and even whether a chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy is a better option. The wrong bankruptcy lawyer could be a big mistake for these folks, causing expensive delays, higher costs, or even the dismissal of some bankruptcy cases.

The incorporation of Amberly, Ohio, 45237, occurred on April 5, 1940, and the village was named after a place in England. The National arbor Day Foundation has named the village a Tree City USA because of the number of trees that are located in the area. French park, owned by Cincinnati, Ohio. Is also located in Amberly, Ohio. Locals in the area frequently refer to the village as Amberly Village, and the total area for the village is about 3.5 miles. Amberly does offer around 26 miles of roads, plenty of parks and natural landscapes, and is located close enough to Cincinnati, Ohio for convenience and access to numerous amenities and attractions.

Golf Manor, Ohio, 45237, is also a village conveniently located near Cincinnati, Ohio. The golf Manor Synagogue is located in this village, and this is the oldest Orthodox Jewish Synagogue in the entire Cincinnati metropolitan area. Golf Manor is situated close to the neighborhoods of Roselawn and Pleasant Ridge, and is almost completely surrounded by them. Many folks in the Amberly, Ohio and Golf Manor, Ohio area face debt and economic insecurity but they have not consulted a bankruptcy attorney for some reason, whether this is due to fear, shame, or an unwillingness to face the extent of their financial problems. Cincinnati, Ohio, bankruptcy attorney Richard West has helped many clients in the area achieve the debt relief that they need and the peace of mind that they deserve.

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