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Millville, Ohio, zip code 45013, is a small suburb that is approximately 30 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. This small village covers a little more than half a square mile and has a population of roughly 800 people. Millville, Ohio is situated in Butler county and was first established by grist mill owner Joseph Van Horn in 1815. A decade earlier Van Horn had opened his grist mill in the area. Over 3,200
personal consumer bankruptcy cases have been filed by people in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding suburbs including Millville as of August 2017. A search for bankruptcy attorneys in Millville will show few if any debt specialists in the village, and residents who need an attorney who specializes in chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy will usually have to look in Cincinnati, Ohio to find this type of legal professional. These folks will need to file for bankruptcy in Cincinnati, Ohio as well.

Millville, Ohio is the birth place of Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the very first commissioner of baseball. The village is located close enough to Cincinnati, Ohio to offer convenience and plenty of close by attractions and amenities while retaining the small community look and feel. The Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum is just a short trip to nearby Hamilton, Ohio, and Butler county offers a variety of parks and other outdoor venues for visitors and residents to enjoy. The cost of living for Millville, Ohio, 45013 is approximately 13% lower than the national average but in spite of this the poverty rate in the area is still around 6% and the average home price is estimated to be about $130,000.

With a median household income that is close to the state average many Millville, Ohio residents struggle with debt or live close to the poverty level. The local area offers plenty of scenic beauty and low cost or free attractions, it is close to Cincinnati, Ohio, and is easily accessible using US-27 and I-74, and it has been named as a great village for families. Many folks in the area need an expert bankruptcy attorney to get debt relief and a new financial start though. Choosing the wrong bankruptcy lawyer could be an expensive mistake, leading to costly delays or even the outright dismissal of bankruptcy cases due to common mistakes. The people in Millville, Ohio, and the 45013 zip code need an experienced and highly knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney to determine whether to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, and even where to file their case.

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