Free Appointment

Making an appointment with an attorney is often the most difficult step in the process of getting out of debt. The longer you put off learning what your options are, the longer you delay your financial freedom. The most frequent comment I hear from my clients after our first meeting is that they will finally be able to get a good night’s sleep, knowing that there is an answer to their problem. Don’t put it off another day. Call and make an appointment now, you’ll be glad you did.

At your free consultation, I will carefully review your finances and provide you with specific strategies to get you out of debt in the shortest time possible. You may have several options you never considered. We can generally schedule your appointment anytime convenient for you within 24 to 48 hours of your call. All you need to do in order to prepare for your appointment is complete our confidential client questionnaire and gather some information about your real estate, vehicles, debts and your income. We recommend printing and completing the client information form and bringing it with you to your appointment along with the other information specified.

If you are bringing the completed questionnaire and all the other information with you, please arrive 10 to 15 minute early so I will be familiar with your facts and figures as we discuss your options. If you are unable bring the completed form and other information, please arrive 20 – 30 minutes early for your appointment to allow time to fill out the form and obtain the other information at our offices.

In order to prepare for your free consultation, there is some information that you should gather before you arrive at our office. This information is best prepared by you at home. If you have any questions, please call our office prior to your appointment time.

The time you spend gathering the following items will reduce your waiting time in the office.

If you do not bring the following items with you, we will help you gather them in our office prior to meeting with an attorney.

Remember, we have set aside an attorney’s time just for you. We do not double book appointments. Please be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to you scheduled appointment time.

We look forward to meeting with you

  • Confidential Questionnaire: Print the questionnaire by visiting that page. It is available in Word or PDF format. Fill in the form and bring it with you to your appointment. Please use ink.
  • Vehicle Values: If you live in Hamilton or Butler Counties, visit to obtain a vehicle valuation for every vehicle you own, even if it is paid off. If you live in any other county, visit to obtain the valuation. Remember to select all of the applicable options for each vehicle so that the valuation will be accurate. Don’t worry if the value you get is higher than you think the vehicle is actually worth, we will make necessary adjustments. Also, don’t think that just because we are asking for this information that you might lose any property. That is not the case. We need to know this information to advise you properly.
  • Vehicle Problem Sheets: Print and fill in a Vehicle Information Sheet for each vehicle you own. Generally, vehicles have some problems or need some repairs. Knowing this information helps us more accurately value your vehicles.
  • Real Estate Value: If you own real estate in Ohio, go to the website for the county where the real estate values are listed. Print the tax valuation for your house. The nearby websites are: Butler County, Warren County, Montgomery County , Preble County , Greene County, Hamilton County
  • Recent Checkstubs: Checkstub for your most recent pay period. Bring one for each spouse (if married).
  • 6 Month Gross Income: We need to know your gross income (before taxes are deducted) for the last six months. You do not need to bring in all of your paycheck stubs. Instead, just figure out your household gross income for the last 6 months, write it down, and bring it with you.
  • Any Court papers that you may have received recently.
  • A brief list of your debts by category: For example, medical bills in the approximate amount of $2,500, credit cards in the approximate amount of $18,000, personal loans with finance companies or credit unions of approximately $12,000, car loan for 2003 Chevy for $12,000.
  • Your list of Questions: We are here to answer all of your questions, so write down as many questions for the attorney as you may have.