Credit Card Bankruptcy

Credit card debt- a nightmare that is impossible to pay?

Richard West, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio, can help!

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I know why you are here. You are probably scared, definitely worried, and know you need to some something about the credit card debt that is crushing you financially.

You know there is a serious problem. What can you do about it though?

You try hard to pay what you can but it never seems to affect the balances that you owe. At times even paying the minimum payment amount is not possible. Just thinking about it makes you sick to your stomach.

You also know you will be hit hard with more fees, just one more thing you can’t afford right now. Each time any small amount of progress that you have made is destroyed. This is a struggle you just can’t win, you take a step forward and are shoved two steps back.

Even making minimum payments can start a vicious cycle. You pay, then you are short, so you end up making charges on the card again. You do it in order to get by but you hate it.

You want to be done with your credit cards, never using them again, but how can you?

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I have not only seen clients in this cycle but I have been in it myself. Eventually there comes a point where your credit card debt makes your life a living nightmare. You struggle just to pay on the debt, then end up charging more.

You feel like a gerbil running around a wheel, exhausted yet getting nowhere no matter how hard you try to keep up. You know it is only a matter of time before the entire house of cards comes down.

It is a losing battle and you know this in your heart yet you keep trying because you don’t know what else to do!

At times you get angry. You are paying high interest rates and making the credit card companies rich, but your family needs are being shortchanged as a result.

You are doing your best but it is getting you nowhere. This makes you sad, you get disgusted, it depresses you, you feel like there is no hope.

I know what you are feeling, I have been there in the past and have gone through the exact same thing. I owed a ton of money, and even as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I was not exempt from financial problems.

How did I get in this position? I had recently performed a large balance transfer with a 0% interest rate. A devastating medical catastrophe had left me unemployed, and I had no insurance or any income to rely on. My credit made it possible to feed my family. My situation seemed hopeless.

I knew that in order to survive I had to borrow everything possible, and do this as soon as I could, because in a short time I would not have the ability to borrow anything at all. When I looked at my credit card statement chart I saw that it would take 30 years to pay my credit card debt off, and that in the end I would pay more than twice what I had actually borrowed. What choice did I have though? I could not think of anything else that I could do at the time.

Every time I paid my credit card statement I saw the chart and it brought me very low. If you feel the same way you are not alone, many can not even look at the chart because it depresses them.

I was struggling just to pay the minimum amount due each month, and having the card fully paid seemed like an impossible dream. I swore that I would be done with credit cards for good if someone could just help me eliminate my credit card debt once and for all. No one rescued me, but I knew there had to be a way out and I was determined that I would find it.

I found the answers that I was looking for, and I have used them with my clients as a Ohio bankruptcy lawyer to help them get a full financial recovery and a fresh start. There are a number of options available below that you can review and compare. You may find that one approach seems to make the most sense for your specific situation. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio can help you decide which options are best if you are not sure.

Credit card debt options are listed and ranked below according to your amount of debt.

When credit card debt threatens to drown you there are a number of options that you can use to resolve the situation and get out of debt. I have been a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio for more than 30 years and I can help you find the best possible solution for your debt.

1. Credit Counseling

This can be an option if you are not that far behind on your payments. If you feel it is possible to get out of the hole you are in using better money management and budgeting practices then you may want to look into credit counseling. A credit counselor could assist you with:

• A better understanding of where and how you spend your money.
• Areas where you could spend less.
• Creating a budget that is realistic in your situation and sticking to it.
• Helping you learn how to set goals and then work towards meeting them.

To put it into medical terms you aren’t sick at this point but you have some unhealthy life habits that should be addressed while they are small and haven’t become big issues just yet. You could visit a physician for a wellness check, just to get medical advice on the issues and catch any problems early on, but who does this? Not most of us.

Credit counseling is similar to visiting a medical professional when you aren’t sick. Few people go to these counselors for credit card debt and other financial issues early on, when they may be beneficial.

Since you are here odds are you were one of the ones who waited instead of addressing the issue early on, and now your debt disaster is not that easy to fix. If that is the case the next option to consider would be a debt management plan.

2. Debt Management Plans

When you see debt management plans advertised on TV and the internet they seem like the answer to any debt problems that you could have. The truth is that there are so many of these programs operating it can be hard to tell one from another.

These DMPs sound terrific, like an easy out and a solution to your debt and financial difficulties, don’t they?

Simply give them all of your bills and debts and let them do the work, contacting creditors and negotiating settlements that favor you, saving you plenty of money and making your life all good once more, right?

Not quite, wishful thinking! This advertising hype is simply how debt management plans get you into their door. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I have seen it firsthand.

Sometimes debt management plans can work, but I view them as dangerous because they are more likely to fail instead. You get no guarantees about any outcome, and these companies almost always fail to make the dangers involved crystal clear to their clients.

The fact is that a debt management plan can not give you a guarantee that the deal they negotiate on your behalf is better than what you could negotiate for yourself. On top of this they usually do not warn you about the devastating things that could happen if things do not go according to their plan, or that their rosy promises have no basis in reality much of the time.

Debt management plan programs are legally obligated to tell you that:

• There are no guarantees about the results that you may get.
• Any debt that is forgiven using a DMP will be taxed.
• You could end up being sued by a creditor who is not willing to work with you.
• If a creditor sues you the debt management plan will not assist or represent you in the lawsuit.

When you end up being sued by a creditor because the debt management program tried but failed to negotiate on your behalf then you are typically on your own. Sure the DMP may refer you to an attorney in their network, someone who usually charges quite a bit and who is not an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio or certified credit and debt specialist.

The network attorneys associated with debt management plans are often paid a substandard amount for each case, so they have no interest in delivering the best possible results. Think about what you are getting for your money. What type of attorney would take this type of case on for a minimal fee, and how could these legal professionals help you in the first place?

Debt management plans have several drawbacks and WILL ruin your credit!

Before using debt management plan programs you need to consider that any gains you might make will be taxed, and the fact that these programs will charge you certain fees. Any savings that you expect to realize may not be as large as you think or the program promises after these factors are taken into consideration.

In order to get good results from a debt management plan you must be at least 2-3 moths behind on your payments and this means kissing even decent credit goodbye. This is just one of the drawbacks involved with this type of debt solution.

In spite of the many problems that I have seen associated with the various debt management programs as a Ohio bankruptcy lawyer in the last 30 plus years these programs are still around. In fact they are everywhere on the internet.

How is this possible? Why haven’t these companies gone under and disappeared? Because they use your fears, emotions, and subconscious against you.

Don’t let debt management plan programs use your emotions against you!

DMPs feed off the ignorance and fear that consumers have when it comes to bankruptcy to keep clients. The debt settlement industry is fueled and supported by the stigma that most people still associate with bankruptcy today.

The DMP industry is far from well regulated, and they are often the subject of actions by the government. These programs are fined or even shut down yet they keep popping up again, like weeds in your yard in the summer. Ready to sell their brand of a partial debt solution, and what are usually empty promises, to any person drowning in debt that they can rope in.

Many people have an emotional desire to avoid bankruptcy at almost any cost, even though my experience as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio has shown that this option could be better for many consumers. DMPs will use this emotional desire against you.

For these frightened people, individuals who are backed into a financial corner, even a poor solution in the form of a debt management program may be better than filing for bankruptcy protection in their mind even though this is not actually the case.

This emotional fear is what has kept many consumers from getting debt relief and the financial solutions that could help them finally get out of debt once and for all. This fear has also kept debt management plan programs thriving.

This does not mean that there are not situations where a debt management plan may be a good option. These programs do have a place but they may not be right for many consumers.

If you are not comfortable negotiating with creditors but you don’t actually owe a lot of debt then you may benefit from a DMP. When you debt is small compared to your income and what you can afford to pay on a regular basis then you may want to evaluate DMPs.

You could probably get the relief you are looking for on your own with some time and effort spent negotiating with creditors, or you could use a debt management plan to do this for you. Who wants to spend free time haggling with a creditor though, or trying to negotiate a settlement? This is not fun to do.

I do this on a regular basis, I do an excellent job, and I am paid a lot of money for my efforts. I will admit that even as a Ohio bankruptcy attorney this can be an uncomfortable position though, because the best results will not be achieved in a debt management program until you are at least 2-3 months behind and your credit has been destroyed.

Are you willing to trash your credit score?

This is required if you want to get decent results from any debt management plan or program. The damage that is done to your credit score can be much worse and last much longer than what would happen if you just declared bankruptcy, had your credit cards and other debts discharged, and then followed the proven credit rebuilding program like the one that I developed for myself and my clients.

It may make sense to use a debt management program rather than an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio if you are willing to make the trade offs required and you understand how difficult trashed credit will make your life in the future. This may also be an option if you are so averse to considering bankruptcy that you are not willing to even consider this method of debt relief no matter what. In these situations debt management programs may be the only choice you feel you have left.

3. Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is like playing chicken with cars, a game that teens used to play to see who would give first, and this is not something that many are willing to try on their own. The object of this game is to see which driver will veer out of the path of the oncoming vehicle first. Not something that you should try without an experienced and highly qualified bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio on your side because things could go very wrong.

As a seasoned debt arbitrator who is certified as a debt and credit specialist I am willing to play chicken with creditors for my client, but this can be a nerve racking experience for anyone. Around 50% of the time the creditor refuses to budge, instead they turn the debt over and the client gets sued. Since I am a Ohio bankruptcy lawyer so I can defend clients in any lawsuit and negotiate settlements to resolve these legal issues.

I don’t let my clients crash, but I do warn them of the dangers that are involved with debt settlement.

I have negotiated many successful debt settlements as a bankruptcy attorney in Ohio, this method does work!

There are cases where I recommend debt settlement, because this may be the best possible way to resolve certain debt types for certain clients.

If a client has assets that we could not protect in a bankruptcy case, or the client has an income which would mean paying more if we filed for bankruptcy, then I my try to negotiate a debt settlement instead so that my client gets the best possible outcome and the biggest savings.

Other clients of mine have qualified for bankruptcy, but have also had transactions with family members which would be negatively affected if bankruptcy was used. No one wants their family members to be sued by the bankruptcy trustee and a debt settlement may prevent this.

One of my clients in the past was actually a rocket scientist, honest. This client had enough in savings to pay off all his debt but he wanted to see if there was a better approach instead. This was a man who was extremely smart, and he was also right.

After I explained how debt settlement works, and how this method could save him more than a bankruptcy but also expose him to the potential for lawsuits from creditors that we would have to deal with, the client wanted to think things over.

A few weeks later this man came back to me and said “Mr. West, I thought about what you told me and I understand that I could probably save money if I went with a debt settlement option but I’m going to ask you to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for me instead. I don’t want to have to endure the prospect of being sued for the next several years. I’m nearing retirement and honestly I would rather focus on other things than potential litigation as I try to deal with my debt. I know that a chapter 13 will cost me a little more but the certainty of the outcome, the 100% guarantee that I will be debt free in five years and I will still save tens of thousands of dollars in interest in the process. That’s enough for me and I think it’s better to use bankruptcy than debt settlement.”

Like I said before, he was a very smart man.

I have also handled cases as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio where the opposite results have been chosen. Some people understand that lawsuits are a risk of the debt settlement process and they are willing to accept this risk.

One client did not have any other options, debt settlement was her only choice. In that case I saved the woman around $15,000 more than she would have saved if she qualified for bankruptcy, and 5 of her accounts were settled for far less than what was owed. I also had to defend the client against 2 creditor lawsuits as well though.

In spite of these results this client is happy with the outcome, and she understood in the beginning that being sued was a possibility. The client is actually ahead of the game in spite of the lawsuits and that is enough for her.

Smart woman.

Is bankruptcy as bad as you think?

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I know that this is not an option that most people want to consider, or even think about. The financial and business sectors portray bankruptcy as something evil that needs to be avoided no matter what, and consumers have heard this all of their lives. This gives bankruptcy a negative stigma that this method does not deserve.

The current form of bankruptcy has been around since the 1800s, it is part of life in America, and at times this is the best option for debt relief and a financial recovery.

In fact bankruptcy has roots that go back much further, all the way to the Old Testament of the bible. The book of Deuteronomy discusses the Lord’s Release, an ancient practice that was like a universal form of chapter 7 bankruptcy. Every 7 years all of the debts people owed were forgiven and they had a fresh start.

Bankruptcy shouldn’t be a first or a last resort!

Many say that bankruptcy should only be a last resort, but why? Doesn’t it make sense to look at all of your options and choose the one that fits your needs and situation best?

If it is clear to you that other options are not really a solution then why would you bother to waste time, money, and effort when you know something is going to fail? This goes against common sense!

If you are seriously ill and you visit the doctor you want to know what treatments are available, and you want to consider all of the possibilities before you make a treatment decision, right? Why shouldn’t you evaluate all of your treatment options at the same time? This will help you analyze your choices and pick the right treatment for you, one that makes sense in your current situation.

If surgery or another extreme treatment is necessary that should be the option you choose first, even if there are other choices that could give a less successful outcome. Don’t you agree? This is why bankruptcy should never be viewed only as a last resort.

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I also caution that bankruptcy should never be a first resort either. Instead this option should be evaluated along with your other debt relief choices, because it can be a powerful tool and is not ALWAYS the best choice for every single situation.

An honest and accurate assessment of your situation will make it clear whether a bankruptcy filing, just like surgery, makes sense in your case. The truth is that the best option may or may not be filing for bankruptcy. Sometimes this method can prevent you from wasting your money and your time on other methods that will fail.

Your priority needs to be to determine the best method and the right choice, the one that will be the most effective at giving you the financial recovery that you deserve in the shortest amount of time possible.

Pride prevents many people from finding the best solution for their debt and financial problems!

With more than 30 years of practice as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I have found that pride is usually the #1 reason why so many people never really find the right solution for their debt and financial issues. This is especially true with bankruptcy.

There are two types of pride, true pride and something that passes for this emotion but which is actually false pride.

True pride is what you feel when you do a job well, the satisfaction that you get when you make the right choices or do the right thing.

False pride is your ego at work disguised as pride, and I know how this feels because I have experienced it as well in my own life in the past.

Years ago I suffered a broken back, couldn’t work or earn an income, and was forced to live off of borrowed money and loans. I was sure I was a failure, and that everyone looked down on me because of my situation. I hated borrowing just to feed my family and pay my monthly mortgage but what choice did I have?

I was desperate to regain my self esteem, and to have the self confidence that I used to before my circumstances changed because of my injuries. I saw the need to borrow and the charitable acts of friends and family as a failure on my part. In my mind I had failed as a provider, a husband, and even as a human being. I was miserable and felt so ashamed it was hard to look people in the eye.

I know now that this was simply my ego disguised as pride. My self esteem had been completely shattered. Later on I found out that those who helped and supported me during these tough times did so because they believed in me, and they never looked down on me because of it. I was the only one who doubted me.

I use this experience when I counsel people as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio and they do not want to consider bankruptcy, failing to give this option a fair chance and full consideration. I tell these potential clients to think about a close friend or member of their family facing serious financial difficulties, money problems so deep that bankruptcy might need to be considered as one of the solutions.

The question that I always ask these clients is “Wouldn’t you, without any hesitation, support and encourage your friend or sibling to go seek out all the options that are available to help them? Wouldn’t you encourage them to do this?”

The response I get is almost always “Yes of course I would I would even drive them to the office to see you!” At this point I have to ask “I knew you would! So, why can’t you look in the mirror and treat yourself with the same kind of compassion, understanding and support that you would – without hesitation – give to your friend or family member?”

No one can ever answer this question because there really isn’t an answer that makes sense. As humans we are wired for a double standard, being tougher on ourselves than we are on others. Why should this be the case though?

True story to prove this point!

A couple came to see my in the past because a creditor was suing them. The man was a prominent community member, both were well respected and pillars of the area, and the husband had even held an elected position in law enforcement.

As a result of some bad business dealings the man was sued for quite a bit of money. Unfortunately his oldest sign was a co-signer on the loan and this just made things worse. The couple was embarrassed, reluctant to even consider bankruptcy, and ashamed. Their pride was tattered but they came to consult with me as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio because they needed a solution to their financial and debt problems.

These people needed the best possible solution. They were willing to accept whatever was necessary. I used my years of experience and extensive knowledge to analyze all of their available options and we compared each one.

The couple had several options they could use but the best solution was to file for bankruptcy protection. This meant that they would have to pay a small amount of the judgment but most of their debt would be discharged without them having to pay a penny on it. The debt would then fall to the son who had cosigned on the loan.

This debt relief solution would allow the couple to retain their home, vehicles, farm equipment, and other property that they had sacrificed and worked so hard in their lives for. This couple was not hoping to find out that bankruptcy was the right choice, but they also understood that this was the best option available. We filed for a chapter 13 bankruptcy, their case was successful, and the couple is now debt free. Their debts were wiped out and they did not lose any of their property.

In this case bankruptcy worked as intended and it provided a permanent solution to debt and a full financial recovery. The decision to file for bankruptcy was a tough emotional choice but the couple did what was necessary and I was proud of them for making this difficult decision.

Unfortunately the son decided to go a different way.

After the son came to me for a consultation I analyzed all the factors in his situation as a Ohio bankruptcy attorney. I determined that the best solution in his case was also bankruptcy, but the man could not make the same decision his parents had.

I honestly believe that the son just could not overcome the many emotional barriers that most people have when it comes to bankruptcy. Because the son could not allow himself to file for bankruptcy protection his outcome was far different from the outcome his parents had.

While his parents are free from their burden of debt I have been told that their son has had wages garnished and has probably been targeted with other collection efforts as well due to his debt. This makes me sad when it happens.

What is chapter 7 bankruptcy? How can it help with credit cards and other debts?

The internet is full of deceptive and misleading information about chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many of the clients that I see as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio think that chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy. A number of websites carry an ominous warning that cautions that all nonexempt property will be taken and sold off to pay your creditors. This is not usually true!

I have found that most people get to keep all of their property during bankruptcy. Nonexempt assets that you own can be sold so that your creditors benefit, but the exemption laws in Ohio offer protection for almost everything that you own or possess.

After the exemptions allowed by law are applied there is usually nothing left to sell. A majority of my clients get to keep their vehicles and their homes, continuing to make these payments, and having all of their unsecured debts discharged without any payment at all.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good option if you have:

• Gone through a divorce
• Lost your job
• Had serious medical problems or injuries
• Have large amounts of credit card debt or medical bills

Sometimes credit card debt keeps climbing in site of your very best efforts. You may find that even if you do not charge anything else on the card it will take you 25-30 years to pay off the balance making only the minimum payments required. You want to pay these creditors but it doesn’t make sense financially to do so, especially if you have money woes in other areas as well.

If your debt has reached this point then even the most successful non bankruptcy program can not help you resolve your debt issues and recover financially.

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I do caution clients that they must meet the requirements for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, and there are eligibility limitations for this type of debt relief. This must be the most sensible option that you have available, and you must be unable to pay your debts once your normal living expenses have been covered. These expenses include your housing, transportation, food, utilities, and other reasonable expenses.

If it is possible for you to pay a reasonable amount to your creditors with the income that you have then you really should do this. In this situation a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a better way to go.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy for debt relief.h

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves a payment plan, but it is impossible to generalize with this type of case.

Most of the chapter 13 clients of my Ohio bankruptcy lawyer practice do not pay one penny to unsecured creditors. In fact their cases are similar to chapter 7 bankruptcy cases that I handle.

In chapter 13 bankruptcy your ability to pay is used to determine what you must pay. Since many of us have little left over after we pay for our homes, vehicles, and living expenses there is little left over to go to your creditors.

A chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a terrific tool if you have fallen behind on mortgage payments, and it may even be possible to strip away any second and third mortgages on your property. A chapter 13 case can also help you pay less for your vehicle than you actually owe, or what you would pay if you chose to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and then reaffirmed the car loan.

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio I understand how powerful and how flexible chapter 13 bankruptcy can be when dealing with debt. When this method is combined with other methods such as a credit rebuilding program and aftercare, chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the most effective option that you have available to deal with your debts once and for all and then rebuild your credit as soon as possible.

A common misconception is that you are required to pay back all of your debts in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is normally not true. As a practicing bankruptcy attorney in Ohio the number of chapter 13 cases where my clients are forced to pay back all of their debts is a very small percentage of the cases which I file.

Usually I see creditors who receive 10 cents on every dollar or even less. Chapter 13 bankruptcy also offers a number of benefits that chapter 7 bankruptcy does not, so it may be the best choice even if you would qualify for bankruptcy under chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to:

• Save thousands by cramming down the amount owed on vehicles.
• Strip away any second or third mortgages on your home.
• Stop foreclosure.
• Allow you to stretch out making up any missed mortgage payments over the next 3-5 years.
• Pay back as little as 1% of the amount you owe on credit card debt and medical bills.
• Replace cars before a bankruptcy filing so any current upside down vehicle can be returned to the creditor and the debt discharged at the end of the bankruptcy case.
• Lower interest rates if a vehicle loan cram down is not possible.
• Get rid of rental properties which are upside down but can’t be sold.
• Stop the collection for student loans outside of bankruptcy for 5 years. These debts are not normally discharged though, and while you are in chapter 13 bankruptcy you can be collected on from these creditors.

Summary: What is the right solution for your credit card debts and financial situation?

To start with consider the following list of options:

1. Credit counseling.
2. Attempt to negotiate with creditors on your own.
3. Debt management plans.
4. Debt settlement using a debt arbitration specialist.
5. Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
6. Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Next you need to cross off any options which are not realistic in your situation.

The third step should be to contact either a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio who specializes in debt relief or a certified debt specialist with many years of experience in this area. These professionals can help you compare the advantages and drawbacks of each available option for debt relief.

It is also important to remember that once your debt situation is resolved then you will need to clean up your credit report and rebuild your credit score, otherwise you will not get a fresh start and a complete financial recovery.

After you have consulted with a Ohio bankruptcy lawyer who is also a certified debt and credit specialist you will know which option is best for you and your situation. You will also have a step by step plan in place so that you are successful.

The professional that you choose should help you rebuild your credit once your debts are taken care of, and offer assistance with correcting your credit report as well. This professional should also teach you what to watch for in the future so you do not end up with damaged credit again.

This process offers the best way to cut through any confusion and focus on the right solution for your circumstances and financial situation. I have used this practical approach as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio for more than 30 years, and it is common sense when you understand the process and know what to do. That is why my clients achieve a real and long lasting financial recovery.

Bankruptcy is just one debt relief option available.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy are very powerful but also very different tools. For many people that I consult with one of these two options IS the best solution for debt relief, but this is not true for everyone.

There can be issues if you consult a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio who is also not certified as a credit counselor AND debt relief specialist though, because you may not get a complete evaluation and comparison of any non bankruptcy options that you have available. My experience has shown that for some clients non bankruptcy options may be the best solution, and I can help these people as well. I do much more than simply file bankruptcy cases.

Even if we decide that a bankruptcy filing is the right answer to your financial dilemma more will be needed once your bankruptcy case is finished so that you get a full financial recovery. Steps must be taken so that you can rebuild your credit, and your credit report must be cleaned up and any incorrect errors that would harm your credit score corrected. If these steps are not taken then you will not get the fresh start that you deserve.

You need a certified credit counselor as well as a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio to get the best results, otherwise bankruptcy will start the process but your financial recovery will never be complete. In addition to a bankruptcy discharge you also need a strong credit score and good credit to be financially successful in the future.


When your credit card debt and other financial difficulties become too much you need to know exactly what your options are, what the pros and cons for each option involve, consult a debt specialist and bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio to implement the strategy that you have chosen, and then use a program designed to improve your credit and your credit score once your debts have been resolved which has been proven to work. You must also use your credit wisely and protect it from becoming damaged again in the future.

If your credit card debt is overwhelming you we can help. Contact us today at 937 748 1749 and find out what your options are from a certified debt specialist and highly qualified bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio with more than 30 years of experience helping clients become debt free.