Credit Card Debt

File bankruptcy on credit cards

If you are thinking of filing bankruptcy on credit cards, you have lots of good company.  Since 1986, I have helped thousands of good, hardworking people file bankruptcy on credit cards, and get their lives back.  Filing bankruptcy on credit cards is often the first step to a full financial recovery.  And, strangely enough, one of the tools I use to help you recover your credit after filing bankruptcy on your credit cards is to – GET ANOTHER CREDIT CARD AFTER BANKRUPTCY! (I am not kidding!  Read on…)

How to file bankruptcy on credit cards

First – there is no limit or range of debt you must have in order to file bankruptcy on credit cards.  I have filed bankruptcy on credit card debt of only $3,000.  For this lady, it was just as impossible for her to pay that $3,000 credit card debt as someone else may find $30,000 in credit card debt.  What matters is your ability to pay, not the amount you owe.

Filing bankruptcy on credit cards only

You may be tempted to keep one card, afraid you will not be able to get another card if you file bankruptcy on your credit cards.  But this is not the case.  I actually have a website,  that I set up just for my clients to help them get credit cards after bankruptcy.  Its easy, and, its necessary if you want to recover your credit.  As a certified credit counselor, I have found that the best and fastest way to rebuild credit after you file bankruptcy on credit cards is to get another credit card.  Fast.  And, they can’t wait to give you one.

True Story.  I once had a lady who had about 30 credit cards, including 5 different Capital One credit cards.  We discharged all her credit cards in bankruptcy.  I told her to go out and get another one (at the proper time, all as a part of my very successful credit coaching course) and which one do you think she got first?  Of course, a Capital One card!  Is Capital One crazy?  Not at all.  They want to be first in line to get her business.  They know she doesn’t owe anyone now that she filed bankruptcy on all her credit cards, and they are probably hoping that she will get herself in trouble again (side note:  she did NOT do that!).

You are not permitted – by bankruptcy law – to “single out” a credit card not to be included in your bankruptcy case.  When you file bankruptcy on credit cards, you file bankruptcy on all the credit cards, not just some of them.  But, I will show you a very powerful way to use credit cards after bankruptcy to rebuild credit.  It is, in fact, my very favorite tool to help rebuild credit.