How to find a bankruptcy lawyer near you for a bankruptcy case in Dayton Ohio?

Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me? Some bankruptcy law firms use tactics that designed to “get you in the door” and advertising for low price is one way to do this.  If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer near me, you’ll probably stumble across affordable bankruptcy lawyers or $500 dollar lawyers near me. Chances are you may not get the attention you need and deserve, or worse, cutting costs results in cutting corners, and making mistakes in your case.  Just searching for bankruptcy lawyer near me will get you some firms, but you need to check them out carefully.  The right bankruptcy lawyer for you in Dayton Ohio may NOT be the nearest one.

If you’re searching for bankruptcy lawyer near you to help you file bankruptcy or find some other way to solve your difficult debt problems you’re not alone!  But you’re probably in the danger zone. I urge you to be careful, even suspicious of “affordable bankruptcy lawyers” or, even worse, $500 bankruptcy lawyers. Your future financial recovery depends on getting it right. In bankruptcy, you often DON’T get a second chance.

Do I really need to claim Bankruptcy?

Figuring out if you need to file for bankruptcy as a Daytonian is a tough decision to make. But many bankruptcy lawyers offer free consultations, as we do. So never stop looking. The decision to find and higher the right bankruptcy layer is a serious one. You need to ask some serious questions.   The first one is this – Do I really need to file bankruptcy?

Good question. What if you really DON’T need to file?  Are there non-bankruptcy options?  Does the lawyer really know about them?  Unless the lawyer is a certified credit counselor, or a certified debt arbitrator, how would you know if the lawyer can evaluate these non-bankruptcy options?  You know that you have to evaluate ALL options or you can’t be sure if you’ve got the best solution.

What should I ask my bankruptcy lawyer?

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  • Do you have Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist certification?
    We demand board certification from our doctor. We should from our lawyer, too. I’m the Board-Certified Specialist in Consumer Bankruptcy lawyer in Dayton Ohio more people trust every year. Did you know that there are only 10 similarly certified lawyers in the State of Ohio?

The Myths of Bankruptcy Lawyers

Best Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Did you search for “best bankruptcy lawyer near me”?

The first myth is that there is such a thing as “best bankruptcy lawyer.” What’s best for one person may not be the best for another. And, “best” is subjective. There’s a lot that goes into getting a good “fit” for your needs and personality. What’s best for you can ONLY be decided, ultimately, by YOU.

The “near me” trap should be obvious. No matter where you are, the best bankruptcy lawyer is PROBABLY NOT “NEAR” YOU! In all likelihood, you will have to pass up one or more “not best for you” lawyers on the way to the one best for you. You will probably only file one bankruptcy in your life. It’s worth a drive to get the right one. I regularly have people drive from Piqua to Springboro, a distance of over 40 miles, to hire my office.

$500 Dollar Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Even worse than “best bankruptcy lawyer near me” is the $500 bankruptcy lawyer near me search query. If you’re looking for this lawyer, I would be very cautious. The filing of a bankruptcy, if it is to be done correctly, involves a complex analysis, followed by careful preparation and painstakingly detailed preparation.

Any true professional would have a hard time predicting, in advance, what problems you might have, or what might need to be done in a case. So how in the world can a “bottom of the barrel” price be quoted?

There are all kinds of problems with this approach. If the $500 bankruptcy lawyer is really doing all that needs to be done, he probably can’t afford any help, and is making no money, I bet. Certainly, any issue that is encountered or a problem that arises would be a challenge, simply because time is money, and doing the job right takes time. Cutting corners would be a genuine concern.

Chapter 7 Lawyers Near Me

Are you looking for a chapter 7 lawyer near me? Why chapter 7? Indeed, there are several chapter 7 lawyers in Dayton, Ohio. Many of these chapter 7 lawyers will not file chapter 13 cases. Does this concern you? It should.

The trouble with searching out a chapter 7 lawyer near me is that you presume that chapter 7 is the right choice for your debt relief needs. Chapter 7 may, or may not be the right remedy for you! But if you’re seeing a lawyer who only does, or prefers to file only chapter 7, what kind of bankruptcy do you think this lawyer will recommend for you? Easy! Chapter 7. This reminds me of that old saying, “when the only tool you have is a hammer; everything looks like a nail.”

“Chapter 7 lawyers near me” searches may result in lawyers who don’t, or won’t, or can’t look at all your options and advise you of what’s best for you, regardless of what kind of cases THEY like to file.

Chapter 13 Lawyers Near Me

Same problem as the chapter 7 lawyers near me. In the past 30 years, many clients have come to me to file chapter 13, for lots of different reasons. But sometimes it’s the wrong recommendation. Also, the legal fees in chapter 13 are a lot higher than in chapter 7. If you really don’t need to file chapter 13 and pay more in legal fees, but you are asking for a chapter 13, what will the “chapter 13 lawyer near me” tell you to file? In most cases, if you are eligible to file chapter 7, you are also eligible to file chapter 13.

Affordable Bankruptcy

No Money Down Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Sort of sounds like a used car salesman, doesn’t it? This sounds like an easy way to get your case started, especially if you are having financial difficulty. What you need to know is that most lawyers offer payment plans, so the down payment, or lack of down payment, is not an important factor in choice of a bankruptcy lawyer in Dayton, Ohio.   

Think of it this way. When choosing a doctor, you focus first on the qualifications of the doctor, his board certification, years of experience, online reviews and reputation. You do NOT focus on payment terms. So, why do lawyers advertise this? Well, every lawyer may have different reasons, but I have discussed payment options with thousands of clients and many tell me that they are concerned that they have to pay the entire legal fee in full, when they retain me. 

They’re really relieved and surprised that I offer payment plans and get to work right away for them, even if they pay as little as $100 (or, occasionally, I will open a file with no deposit) down. I don’t focus on the down payment, or lack thereof, because it’s just not relevant to “real work” that needs to be done. Focusing on payment terms just detracts from the critical questions you need answered. No money down bankruptcy advertising is, I think, a good way to get off on the wrong foot. And consider this. No money down bankruptcy does NOT mean in the end you will pay less; you may in fact, pay even more.

I recommend you pay little, if any, attention to “no money down, or zero down” advertising claims. That’s just not the focus you want to have when trying to solve your important debt issues.

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Searching for a cheap bankruptcy lawyer near me will produce a list of cheap lawyers who probably think that price is your most important factor in selecting a lawyer. Or, perhaps they just want you to call them for price information.

In either event, focusing on price, especially a “cheap bankruptcy lawyer near me”, should make you think about the approach the cheap lawyers might take to representing you.

Cheap bankruptcy lawyers have to watch their costs, pinch their pennies, so they may not have enough staff (since staff costs a lot of money) or time (which is limited). Recall Abe Lincoln’s famous saying, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” Do you really want cheap bankruptcy services, and cheap bankruptcy lawyer results? If the lawyer is valuing his own time so low, what does this say to you?

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney

Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Affordable bankruptcy lawyer near me doesn’t sound so bad, does it? We all like whatever we buy to be affordable, right? Affordable may be their code word for cheap. And what does affordable mean? It’s relative.

As a very experienced (since 1986) bankruptcy specialist, I often amaze my clients by showing how they can afford to have the top-notch representation they were afraid wasn’t “affordable.” It turns out that the right plan and a customized approach makes quality representation easily affordable.

So, why not focus on getting the best bankruptcy lawyer for your needs? If done right, that lawyer will show you how bankruptcy can be affordable for you. Once you know this, you can stop searching for “affordable bankruptcy lawyer near me” and start focusing on getting the quality representation you need for the best result.

Bankruptcy Means Test online

You can find a lot of information on the means test, with online means test calculators and reading the U.S. Courts website.  I suggest that its probably more a waste of your time than anything else.  I cover the means test extensively in my Ultimate Guide to the Means test here on this website.

The truth is that the means test is NOT an issue for the vast majority of cases I’ve filed in the last 15 years.  More often than not, the right solution to your problems will not be impacted by the means test at all!  In the few situations where the means test does become an issue, there are often ways we can “get around” the means test issue and file chapter 7 when we need to.

What will it cost to file Bankruptcy

The cost to file bankruptcy includes the filing fee, which is $335 for chapter 7 and $315 for chapter 13.

Additionally, the cost to file bankruptcy includes miscellaneous fees for credit counseling, typically $25 – $50, cost of your credit report, $20 – $50, and any copy fees for deeds, mortgages, car titles, tax returns and other required documents.

These are fixed cost and generally do not differ much between all Dayton Ohio bankruptcy lawyers. However, the legal fees charged by Dayton Ohio bankruptcy lawyers are a different matter.

Dayton Ohio bankruptcy lawyers generally charge a flat fee for chapter 7 cases, and most also charge a flat fee, or a “no-look” fee for chapter 13 cases. While the cost to file bankruptcy is important, it’s not the most important consideration.

When looking for bankruptcy lawyers near me, and trying to find the cheapest (or affordable bankruptcy lawyer) watch out for, and pay close attention to, “add on” legal fees. For example, one lawyer I know advertises a legal fee under $900 for chapter 7. If you look carefully, however, you see that there are some pretty restrictive limitations. (lawyers and their fine print?)

For example, to get this “cheap lawyer near me” price, you can’t make over $20,000. You can’t own any real estate. You can only have none, or one car. And, if you want to add your spouse, add $400 to the fee. What’s going on here?  Well, I think you can guess. Sometimes the cost to file bankruptcy is not what it appears to be at first.

The cost to file bankruptcy is based largely on the amount of time required to properly prepare the detailed documentation, analyze it properly, and make the right recommendations to you based on many years of experience and thousands of cases filed. This is not, in my opinion, something best left to novices, or small offices.

And, if you think about it, you’ll realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to accurately, responsibly, quote a fee for a complex legal proceeding blindly, in advance of knowing ANYTHING about your case.  It’s like asking a doctor to give you an estimate of the costs for treatment before he even lays eyes on you and before he has done an examination, run any tests, etc.

This is just crazy.  But, people ask for it and some attorneys not only do it, they advertise for it. I think people cannot be faulted for asking. After all, they don’t understand what’s involved.  Lawyers, I think, should know better. This is my opinion, based on decades of experience. Some lawyers disagree with me.  They are entitled to their opinion too.

The time needed to do the job right is considerable, and a real professional’s time expensive. If you find a “cheap bankruptcy lawyer near me” you might conclude either that not enough time will be taken to properly prepare your case, or, for some reason, the value of the cheap lawyer’s time is pretty low. Either way, there’s a danger that your case will not turn out well.

Most people who file bankruptcy will only need to file one time in their lives. The results will probably be dramatic. Dramatically good, or, for some, dramatically bad. Some will experience a great recovery, guided by a lawyer who helps them select the right chapter, and then conducts the case flawlessly, and helps them recover their credit afterwards.

Others will get a discharge, if they are lucky, and that’s it. Their credit will be shot, but they’ll get no help to recover. No follow-up credit assistance can mean buying cars at buy-here pay-here lots or, perhaps worse, paying high interest for anything they manage to get credit for. Not the best outcome.

The money and time that is “saved” by hiring a cheap bankruptcy lawyer near me is forgotten quickly. The failure to get the right plan, not getting the support and help needed through the processing of the case, and the failure to have a plan to quickly rebuild credit can cause problems for years. And, sadly, most folks who endure this fate never know that they could have had a very different outcome.

Bottom line on the costs to file bankruptcy in Dayton Ohio

The cost to file bankruptcy in Dayton Ohio is NOT (or should not be) your focus. And, looking for a bankruptcy lawyer near me, is not a good way to approach such a serious and important, life changing financial decision.  Your financial future is at stake. You really don’t want the cheap, affordable, bottom-of-the-barrel lawyer near me if you really want the best professional for your financial recovery.