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Dayton Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Richard West

Discusses – Debt Solutions – How to review and select the right one
(and not get scammed in the process)

There are five different debt solutions based on your financial needs. Not all clients need to claim bankruptcy. You may be a able to find a financial resolution or an alternative.

There are 5 different debt solutions.

Only one will be the best for you.

The right program will fix your finances and improve your life.

Choosing the wrong program will cost you time, money and leave you worse off.

But how do you get the one that’s best for your needs?

Do some homework, read a lot. This site has a TON of information.

It’s NOT all about bankruptcy. That’s not the right answer for everyone.

As a certified credit counselor, I will tell you the truth about non-bankruptcy options.

And the bankruptcy options (I’m a Board Certified Bankruptcy Specialist, too).

So you’ll know all there is to know about all the options that are out there for you.

Then, you’ll be ready to pick the right program for your needs.

It may not be a bankruptcy. I recommend non-bankruptcy options frequently.

And, if you do need a bankruptcy, I can show you the pros and cons of the different kinds of bankruptcy, and how you can actually recover your credit very quickly.

This is because I combine credit counseling with the right debt relief program. This unique approach results in an extraordinary financial recovery – including improved credit – in an amazingly short time.

Review these options – I explain all of them here on this website:

    • Credit Counseling
    • Debt Management Programs
    • Debt Settlement
    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Then, after you have reviewed the different options, you’ll have a good idea about what your possible choices will be. You will be able to eliminate several very quickly, and then you’ll have your “short list” of options.

With that “short-list” in mind, go to my article on how to “interview bankruptcy attorneys from your living room” here:, and review the websites of the top bankruptcy attorneys in Dayton Ohio. You really can “get to know” the attorney pretty well just by spending some time on his website.

Of course, you could take a “super-short-cut” through all of this, if you live in Southern Ohio, and request a free online evaluation, or phone consultation, with me. (Call 937.748.1749)

For over 30 years, I have done one thing, help you find the best and fastest way to a full financial recovery, including rebuilding your credit. I am the Miami Valley’s Debt and Credit Authority.

That’s why more people trust me, year after year, to help fix their finances, and get their lives back, than any other attorney or counselor.