Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions

Bankruptcy exemptions are specific laws that protect, or exempt, your property in bankruptcy. Exempt property cannot be taken by your trustee and “liquidated for the benefit of your creditors” as you will read is the function of a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Because Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions, in practice, cover the full value of all the property that most of my clients own. So, there is nothing lost, or “liquidated.”

As an Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney, I select the proper exemptions to apply to protect my clients’ property. And, sometimes we need to engage in “exemption planning.”

Exemption Planning

It is totally legal to engage in exemption planning. This is the process of changing property from non-exempt to exempt, so that you can retain the benefit of its value.


You have $5,000 cash in the bank. You need to get a car and currently have none in your name. If you filed a chapter 7 with $5,000 in the bank, the trustee would be entitled to take $3,000 (or more) of your cash!  Not the result we want.

So, you find a suitable car for $4,000. I can protect the car 100%.

And the other $1,000 too!