General Bankruptcy Information

General Bankruptcy InformationGeneral Bankruptcy Information… Just the Facts

There’s a wealth of information about bankruptcy available on the Internet.

That were most people start their search when they have more bills than they can pay.

It’s often been said that bankruptcy should be considered only as a last resort.

This is foolish.

All options are on the table for you.

You shouldn’t exclude any!

And, you certainly shouldn’t refuse to look at the most powerful option until you have tried and failed at all of the others.

If you have a serious medical condition and the only thing that will fix your problem is an operation, why would you want to waste time taking pills and seeking other ineffective treatment.

If you need surgery, you should get it, And the sooner the better.

Start with your budget.  That’s where it all begins.

Your income and expenses.

How bad is it?

Be Brutally Honest!

If you have enough money left over after you pay your housing and other living expenses to make a significant dent in your bills then credit counseling or debt management may be all you need.


If, however, you find yourself with little or no extra money, then it’s time to look at bankruptcy options.

Don’t be afraid to look at all your options.

Most people qualify for both chapter 7 and chapter 13.

There are pros and cons to each and you want to talk with a board certified specialist who is also a certified credit counselor so that you’ll be sure to get the big picture about how all these different options compared to each other.

I have found that many of my clients who went to other professionals were not fully informed about all the different options because the person they spoke with was not familiar with all of them himself.

Many people refuse to look at bankruptcy options because they have been told that a bankruptcy will ruin their credit for a long time. Although this can happen, it doesn’t happen to my clients.


Because credit can easily be recovered after bankruptcy.

All you need is the right plan.

Too many people waste too many years of their lives, and deprive themselves and their families of money that they could be using for their own needs and instead of trying, unsuccessfully, to get out of debt by using ineffective programs and approaches.

That’s why I tell people, don’t pay your bills.  (See my article “Don’t Pay Your Bills)


If you realistically don’t have a chance of getting out of debt at your present income level in a reasonable amount of time, say 1 to 3 years, then you owe it to yourself to look beyond credit counseling and debt management options to what you would be able to achieve the bankruptcy.

Many of my clients are totally debt-free in a fraction of the time that it would take without bankruptcy and have better credit scores, more quickly, then it any other approach would deliver to them.

They are so glad they did.

If you’re worried about your finances, and looking for answers, you’re on the right track.

Do your homework, study your options on the Internet, and then, when you’re ready, call me for a free consultation.

Filing bankruptcy could be the best answer for you.